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Electronic Tax Return Filing - efile is Fast, Accurate, Secure

Why efile?

Most individual taxpayers now file their tax returns electronically. There are many advantages that efiling has over traditional paper tax return filing, including:

efile Makes Electronic Tax Filing Easy

Do you feel like you spend a good chunk of your week working for the IRS? Then let work for you to get some of that hard earned money back!

Did you know that in 2017, about 92% of all individual income tax returns were filed electronically (efiled)? That's over 82 million people!

If you have efiled your tax return before, then you know how easy and safe efiling is. If you are not one of the two-thirds of Americans who already efile, please take a moment now to learn about the virtues of efiling!

Top Reasons to prepare an electronic Tax Return:

  • Get your tax refund faster (in as few as 7 days with direct bank deposit).
  • Get a more accurate tax return (1% error rate compared to 20% with paper tax returns).
  • Get a secure efile submission process and keep your personal information private.
  • Get instant notification of receipt and check the status of your tax return or tax refund anytime.
  • Get away from paper; no more trips to the post office and it's good for the environment.
  • Get away from penalties; efile now to avoid late fees and pay later even if you can't afford it now.
  • Get your tax return to the right place; don't worry about which processing center to send it to and avoid dealing with the frequent address changes that paper filers face.

About 92% of all US Taxpayers efiled their Income Tax Returns  in 2017- read more IRS efiling statistics

More reasons for filing an electronic income tax return - efile

item 1 efile is Easier

No knowledge of complicated tax laws is required. With, there are no more tax secrets! All you have to do is answer a series of easy to understand tax questions during a simple online interview. The software will ensure that you do not miss any important tax credits and tax deductions, which mean more money for you. will do all the math for you and will let you know if any vital information is missing either immediately online or later via email communication. The software will even pick out the right tax forms to use and then fill them in for you. In addition, you will find money saving tips throughout the site that will aid you during the efile process. Tax help is always just a link away!

item 2 efile is Faster

When you efile, you will receive your tax refund in half the time it would have taken with a paper return. If you sign up for direct deposit (which we encourage), you could receive your refund money in as few as 8 days after the IRS accepts your efile return. The transmission of your return to the IRS is instantaneous, and you will generally receive a confirmation of acceptance (or rejection) within 48 hours of submitting it. Not only will you get your refund faster, but you will avoid standing in line at the post office and waiting around wondering if your tax return has been accepted.

item 3 efile is Accurate

Reduce the chances of an error on your return and the IRS contacting you by using The IRS states that efiled returns have about a 1% error rate, while paper returns have an error rate of 20%. The software performs all of the calculations for you, so there are no math errors to be made. If you are missing any important information, the software will let you know. An efiled return also eliminates the possibility of transcription errors that sometimes occur with paper returns, since an IRS employee will not have to enter your data into the computer system by hand.

item 3 efile is Secure

With efile, there is nothing to get lost, damaged, or stolen in the mail. Keep your personal information safe and get some peace of mind. You can be confident that your tax return will be transmitted to the IRS securely. Both and the IRS guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of your personal data when you file electronically.

item 3 efile is Convenient

Start with the basic efile tax return; you may qualify to prepare and efile your Federal Tax Return for free. The tax software will prompt you to upgrade to the deluxe or premium version if necessary based on your tax return. Select the direct bank deposit option and get your tax refund faster. Check your tax return and tax refund status online from anywhere at anytime throughout the year. To make things even easier, if you used in a previous year you can import vital information directly into your new tax return.

link arrow Check out the latest efile and direct deposit statistics

Tax Tip: efile Now to Avoid Penalties

Even if you cannot afford to pay all of your taxes by Tax Day, a tax return should be efiled to avoid any further tax penalties for failing to file on time.

Learn more about whether to efile a tax extension or to efile a tax return.

If you want to estimate how much you might owe in taxes, please use one of the free tax estimator tools, which are linked on the right column of this page.

How to efile Federal and State Tax Returns