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Use to file your taxes online for federal and state. Do IT Less Taxing on see how the eFile Tax App works and review our tax services. eFile will find tax deductions, credits, and other tax savings to help you save money on taxes and increase your tax refund.
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Taxes can be complicated and it can be difficult to know how to file your taxes online without any experience or knowledge of the subject. We encourage taxpayers to familiarize themselves with tax knowledge with our 15 free tax tools, looking over our educational and informational pages, or by simply setting up a free eFile account and asking us free tax questions.

That being said, you do not need extensive tax knowledge to file your taxes online with the eFile app. You can answer simple questions, input some numbers and other information, and eFile generates the forms for you.

Simple Tax Education and Help

Refer to the resources below before you start your return to answer some questions you may have.

Tax Topic
Get answers to your tax questions within minutes; learn your filing status, how much your Earned Income Tax Credit could be, or calculate a full return.
You can start your IRS return with the Form 1040 and the rest of the forms depend on your situation. Instead of trying to remember which forms you need, use eFile to generate these all for you and get them calculated right. is a website application that you sign into online through an Internet browser - it does not get downloaded to your computer and you do not need to purchase a product or license to use it. eFile generates and fills in IRS and state tax forms based on your answers to simple questions - it's that simple!
You can file your IRS taxes online for as little as nothing - eFile has three pricing tiers: free basic, Deluxe, and Premier with states included for all levels at a set price for unlimited states.
See the latest tax return deadlines as set by the IRS each year - typically, Tax Day falls on April 15 and your IRS and state returns should be filed by this date. However, there are exceptions and you can generally file through the following October 15.
At, you will never be bothered by an automated assistant - all your questions are answered by a real person on the other end and support is always free.

Find links to our pages for tax news, history, and statistics below. A collection of historic tax returns of US. Presidents has been put together as well! Contemporary taxes might be complex and complicated; take a look at some unusual taxes or tax deductions throughout history. Since 1913, when the income tax was only 1%, the U.S. has come a long way to today's tax code. Below, find links to detailed income filing and e-file statistics.

For some tax entertainment, read the sections below to learn about past arguments on whether income taxes in the United States are even constitutional and see a page of "Hall of Fame of Tax Cheaters." In the end, it seems that death and taxes are still the two sure things in this life.

Tax History, Statistics, and Unusual Taxes

Use the table below to navigate to different pages on Find historical tax figures as well as current return and refund figures. Plan your next tax return and see how to e-file taxes on your own with these simple tips.

Tax Topic
Get the latest tax income news that might directly effect your taxes. Taxes are always changing and we will help you stay on top of these changes that may affect your tax return.
Before taxes become facts, they go through a policy or rumor cycle. This section is dedicated to just that - rumors. When they become a fact of life, they will be posted in the Tax News section.
Find a historic overview of taxes and Tax Code in the United States.
In 1913, the US imposed a 1% income tax rate. See how the Form 1040 has evolved since then.
Do you think a tax return is an important document if somebody wants to become US President? If so, we got them for you to read. President Biden's tax records have been released to the public; Trump is one of few US Presidents who never made their tax returns public.

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The historic details on how we got from paper based income tax returns to e-filed tax returns. Ever wondered how much of the income tax collected is part of the US Budget?
Detailed statistics on how income tax returns are being comprised, collected, etc.
Listen to the eFile Song now or later should taxes become, well, overwhelming. We promise, we will not play this for you while you prepare and e-file :) You might want to play it again if you like the size of your tax refund.
It's amazing how many taxpayers don't claim their tax refund. So many complain about paying taxes, when so many don't seem to mind.
Join yet another discussion on the pros and cons of income taxes.
Here are stories of taxpayers that are obviously actively against income taxes.
Right or wrong, tax returns and audits can have painful consequences; read these return-related stories.
Over time, the pro-tax folks or politicians have been creative when it comes to creating taxes

Because taxes are here to stay, make filing them easier on yourself: e-file your returns with a free eFile account and let us do the hard work for you. With, you do not have to handle complicated IRS and state tax forms as the software will fill them in for you as you enter basic information