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Find Tax News to Tax History and Tax Statistics here. A collection of historic Tax Returns of US Presidents. Contemporary Taxes might be complex and complicated, take a look at some unusual taxes or deductions throughout history. Since 1913 when the income tax was only 1% the US has come a long way to today's tax code. Links to detailed income filing and eFile statistics.

A section on discussion on whether income taxes in the US are even constitutional. Yes, there is even a page on a "Hall of Fame of Tax Cheaters".  In the end, it seems that Death and Taxes are still the two sure things in this life.

Tax History, Statistics and Unusual Taxes

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Get the latest Tax Income News that might directly effect your Taxes
Before Taxes become facts they go through a policy or rumor cycle. This section is dedicated to just that - Rumors. When they become a fact of life, they will be posted in the Tax News section
Find a historic overview of Taxes and Tax Code in the US
In 1913 the US imposed a 1% income tax rate. See how the Form 1040 has evolved since then
Do you think a Tax Return is an important document if somebody wants to become US President? If so, we got them for you to read
The historic details on how we got from paper based income tax returns, to e-filed tax returns. Ever wondered how much of the Income Tax collected is part of the US Budget?
Detailed statistics on how Income Tax Returns are being comprised, collected etc.
Listen to the eFile Song now or later should Taxes become, well overwhelming. We promise, we will not play this for you while you prepare and efile :) You might want to play it again if you like the size of your Tax Refund.
It's amazing how many taxpayers don't claim their Tax Refund. So many complain about paying Taxes, when so many don't seem to mind.
Join yet another discussion on the pros and cons of Income Taxes
Here are stories of taxpayers that are obviously actively against Income Taxes
Right or Wrong, but Tax Returns and Audits can have painful consequences. Read these return related stories
Over time the pro Tax folks or politicians etc. have been creative when it comes to creating Taxes