W4 Form 2024 Withholding Based On Your Paycheck

Create Form W-4 based on your actual or estimated Pay Check. Contact a Taxpert® with questions. The 2024 W-4 withholding values will be released end of December.

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A1: Select your Filing Status
A2: Do you and your Spouse together have more than one Job
A3: How many jobs do you and your spouse have now?
Enter the annual Gross Pay for the job you are completing this W-4 Form for, or job 1
Enter the annual Gross Pay of job 2
Enter the annual Gross Pay of job 3
If more than one job has annual wages of more than $120,000 or there are more than three jobs, see Pub. 505 for additional tables; or, you can use the online withholding estimator at www.irs.gov/W4App.
B1: Select your Pay Period for this Job
B2: Select your Payment Type
B3: Enter your gross $ Paycheck Amount per Pay Period
B3: Enter Hours, Rate per Pay Period
$ Rate per hour
C1: Select a Pre-Tax Health Insurance Type and enter the Amount
Insurance Type
C2: Select a Pre-or After-Tax Retirement Plan and enter the Amount
D1: Enter the number of your Dependents or est. Child Tax Credit
D2: Enter the number of Other Dependents or est. Other Child Tax Credit Amount
Other Dependents
D3: Enter an Amount for other Tax Credits
D4: Total Tax Credits
D5: Enter an Amount for additional Deductions
D6: Enter an Amount for other Income
D7: Enter an Amount for extra Federal Tax Withholding
Your Federal Tax Withholding Calculated Amount is:
D8: Exemption from withholding
E1: Email Address
Optional: Receive your paycheck results via email

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Tax Withholding and Form W4 Video

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Take Home Pay

 per Pay Period
Other Income
Federal Income Tax
Medicare Tax
Social Security Tax
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