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Arizona Income Taxes and AZ State Tax Forms

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The tax software makes it easy for you to efile your state tax return and use the correct state tax forms. Prepare and efile your Arizona state tax return (resident, nonresident, or part-year resident) and Federal tax return together or separately at View the federal tax return filing requirements.

Arizona Income Tax Filing Deadline

The regular deadline to file an Arizona state income tax return is April 15.

Tax Deadline Date Type of Income Tax Return Filing Deadline / Due Date Description
April 18, 2017 2016 Arizona State Tax Return Due date for Arizona State Income Tax Returns - income tax filing deadline
April 18, 2017 2016 Arizona State Tax Extension Due date for Arizona automatic extensions
October 16, 2017 2016 Arizona State Tax Return Last day to efile a 2016 Arizona State Income Tax Return for tax extension filers and late efilers

View all state tax return filing deadlines

Find federal income tax return filing deadlines.

Arizona State Tax Forms that Can Be efiled supports all of the forms that Arizona allows to be efiled. You can efile any of the following Arizona state tax forms:

Form/Schedule Description Can I efile this form?
Form 140/NR/PY Individual Income Tax Form




Form 140/NR/PY Adjustments
Form 140PTC Property Tax Refund (Credit) Claim
Form 140/NR/PY Individual Income Tax (Other Additions and Subtractions)
Form 200 Request for Innocent Spouse Relief and Separation of Liability
Form 201 Renter's Certificate of Property Taxes Paid
Form 202 Personal Exemption Allocation Election
Form 301 Nonrefundable Individual Tax Credits and Recapture
Form 309 Taxes Paid to Another State/Country Credit
Form 310 Residential Solar Energy Credit
Form 321 Contributions to Charities that Provide Assistance to Working Poor Credit
Form 322 Contributions Made or Fees Paid to Public Schools Credit
Form 323 Contributions to School Tuition Credit
Form 332 Healthy Forest Enterprises Qualified Employees (1/2/3)
Form 333 Credit for Employing National Guard Members (Parts I, II, III & IV)
Form 340 Donation to the Military Family Relief Fund Credit
Form 348 Contributions to Certified School Tuition Organizations
Schedule A Itemized Deductions (Parts 1-2)
AZ(CP-WK) Arizona Community Property Worksheet

Arizona State Tax Forms that Cannot Be efiled

Arizona State Tax Withholding Form

Form Description
Form A-4 Arizona Withholding Percentage Election

AZ Tax Extension

Extension Form Arizona Extension Instructions How to File

Form 204

Arizona taxpayers must file Form 204 by April 18, 2017 to get an automatic 6-month extension of time to file (not to pay). The extended tax return due date is October 16, 2017. The state will also accept a valid federal extension for the period covered by the federal extension.

If you expect to owe taxes, and you are going to take advantage of the automatic extension of time to file, make sure you submit at least 90% of your payment together with Form 204 (if you are mailing it) by April 18, 2017. If you are filing a federal extension or making your AZ extension payment electronically, you do not need to file a Form 204.

Complete and submit Form 204

Important Reminder! If you are filing an Arizona tax extension, you may need to efile a federal tax extension as well.

AZ Tax Amendment

Arizona state tax amendments cannot be efiled; they can only be mailed. Learn how to file an amended Arizona state tax return.

Important Reminder! If you are filing an Arizona tax amendment, you may need to file a federal tax amendment as well.

2015 Previous Tax Year Arizona Tax Forms

Arizona tax forms for previous Tax Years cannot be prepared and efiled online. You will need to print, complete, and mail the forms to the Arizona Department of Revenue.

Form/Schedule Description How to File
Form 140 Resident Personal Income Tax Return

Download, fill out, print out, sign, and mail

Form 140NR Nonresident Personal Income Tax Return
Form 140PY Part-Year Resident Personal Income Tax Return
Schedule A Itemized Deductions
Form 140ES Individual Estimated Tax Payment
Form 140PTC Property Tax Refund
Form AZ-140V Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher for Electronic Filing
Form 201 Renter's Certificate of Property Taxes Paid
Form 221 Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals
Form 301 Nonrefundable Individual Tax Credits and Recapture
Form 309 Credit for Taxes Paid to Another State or Country
Form 321 Credit for Contributions to Charities that Provide Assistance to the Working Poor
Form 322 Credit for Contributions Made or Fees Paid to Public Schools
Form 323 Credit for Contributions to School Tuition Organizations
AZCP-WK Arizona Community Property Worksheet

Where's My Refund? - Check Your Arizona State Tax Refund Status

If you efile an Arizona tax return and request a direct deposit, you can expect your refund within 15 business days. You can expect your refund in 12 weeks if you file a paper return.

Check your Arizona state tax return refund status online.

AZ efile Error Codes

If your Arizona state return was rejected, you will receive an error reject code. If you prepared and efiled your return on, we will provide you with an explanation of how to correct the error on your return. You may then resubmit your state return at no additional charge until it is accepted by the state.

View a list of all Arizona State efile Income Tax Return Error Reject Codes.

Arizona Tax Facts

AZ Income Tax:

Individual income is taxed across five tax brackets at five graduated tax rates:

  • 2.59% on the first $10,163 of taxable income
  • 2.88% for incomes between $10,164 and $25,406
  • 3.36% for incomes between $25,407 and $50,812
  • 4.24% for incomes between $50,813 and $152,434
  • 4.54% for incomes above $152,435

The income amounts are doubled for married couples filing jointly and heads of household.

AZ Sales Tax:

Arizona has a state sales tax (known as Transaction Privilege Tax) rate of 6.6%. The state also has a use tax rate of the same amount.

The TPT applies to vendor purchases rather than consumer purchases. A business vendor can choose to pass either the entire or part of the tax to the consumer.

The maximum AZ sales tax is 10.6% after local surtaxes (all counties charge an additional sales tax of up to 4%). Most groceries, clothes, and prescription drugs and medicines are exempt from the TPT.

More information on Arizona Sales Tax

AZ Personal Property Tax:

Arizona defines personal property (which is considered movable) as all types of property except real estate (which is not permanently attachable).Taxable examples of personal property include property used for commercial, industrial and agricultural purposes.

Personal property taxes are due Oct. 1. If the tax amount is over $100, the first half is due Oct. 1 and the second half is due March 1 the next year. One-half of the amount of the taxes that are unpaid is delinquent after Nov. 1 and the remaining half that is unpaid is delinquent after May 1.

Odd Tax Fact:

The state of Arizona has an individual tax credit for the cost of installing an at-home water conservation system. This credit applies to installing systems for collecting rainwater or residential graywater.

AZ State Tax Agency:

You can call the Arizona Department of Revenue at (602) 255-3381 (in Phoenix) or 1-800-352-4090 (Toll -free statewide, outside of Maricopa County).

For more information on Arizona state income taxes, you can visit the website of The Arizona Department of Revenue.

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