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Important: If your 2022 Tax Return status filed in 2023 is still being shown by the IRS as processed or processing after you have e-filed your return, this means that the IRS has your return, but it is still in the refund processing phase. The timeframe of this can vary depending on how long the IRS reviews your return. The IRS was backlogged on processing and issuing refunds for both 2020 and 2021 Returns in 2022 and remains to be seen in 2023 for 2022 Returns - see details on IRS delays as of January 2022. We will keep this page updated on this issue during the 2023 Tax Season.

Once you file your return on, your status will change - if it is Accepted, the IRS has acknowledged and accepted your return. The IRS "Where's My Refund?" tool may show that you have not provided enough information or that your return is still processing. It is important to understand in this case that your tax return was accepted, but your tax refund is still processing.

Tax Return

See below on how to check your IRS and state tax return status or IRS and state(s) acceptance if you prepared and e-filed your tax return on If you used a different online tax preparation site, please visit that site for your tax return status.

It is important to note that there is a difference between tax return and tax refund status. Many taxpayers can be confused by this and think that just because a return is accepted by the IRS means that their refund will be sent as well. This is not the case. When a return is e-filed, it goes through a preliminary check to make sure that high level information on the return is correct, such as names, SSNs, the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), etc. If these are correct, the IRS will accept the return. After a return is accepted, it then goes through a more thorough and detailed review process which can vary in how long this takes depending on the return. Once this review is complete, then the IRS will begin processing and issuing your tax refund to the bank if the taxpayer selected direct deposit or by issuing and mailing a refund check. Conversely, if the IRS rejects your return, see instructions below.

Find the Status of My Tax Return OR the Status of My Tax Refund

Below, find out how to easily see the status of the tax return you have prepared and e-filed. The instructions below are for taxpayers who e-filed their 2022 Return on Your eFile account will show the status of your return and, if it has been accepted by the IRS, you can then track your refund status.

1) Steps to check your tax return status:

  1. Sign in here to your existing account.
  2. Once you have signed in, you will see your return status on the front page. You do not have to navigate anywhere to find it - the message will display some additional information regarding your return, such as the acceptance date. If you navigate to other sections in your account, to see your status anytime, click on "My Return."

Your tax return(s) will have one of the following tax return status messages:

Depending on the tax return status message, click on the link below More Info and you will find instructions on what to do next.

If your tax return was rejected by the IRS (not for any reason, you will find detailed instructions on how to correct minor errors on the Results page. The IRS rejection reason is stated and you will be given details as well as a link to fix the issue. For example, if the IRS - not - rejected your return for an invalid Social Security Number (SSN), you will be given a link that takes you to the Name & Address page where you can review your entry and make any necessary corrections. Once you make your corrections, you can resubmit your return.

For further assistance, contact support so we can guide you through the required corrections and help you to resubmit your return and get it accepted by the IRS.

2) Steps to check your tax return refund status:

Once your tax return status has been accepted by the IRS, see how to check your IRS Tax Return Refund Status or to check your State Tax Return Refund Status. Be sure to have your Social Security Number, filing status from your return, and the exact dollar amount (no cents) of your refund handy.

If you have any questions about your tax return refund status, contact support and we can give you further assistance.