Tax Return Status on

Tax Return

You can only check your IRS and State tax return status or IRS and State(s) accepetance if you prepared and efiled your tax return on If you used a different online tax preparation site, please visit that site for your tax return status.

Important: There is a difference between Tax Return and Tax Refund status.

Steps to check your tax return status:

  1. Sign in here to your existing account.
  2. Once you have signed in click on "Results" or "Your Return" on the left side of the page. There you will find the status of your current tax return.

Your tax return(s) can have one of the following tax return status messages:

Depending on the tax return status message click on the link below More Info and you will find instructions on what to do next.

If your tax return was rejected for any reason, you will find detailed instructions on how to correct minor errors on the "Results page". For further assistance please contact support and our support staff will guide you through the required corrections. Contact support.

Check your tax return refund status:

Once your tax return status was accepted by the IRS please click here on how to check for your IRS Tax Refund Status or once of more State Tax Refurn Status.



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