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Account Recovery and Update

Forgot your email or password? Or do you no longer have access to your email address or phone number? Instructions on how to update, recover your account verification code, username, password or email address.

Account Data Types

Verification Code
As part of the email and device verification process, you will be prompted to either verify via email, mobile phone number, or security question - make sure you click one of the 3 options (see screenshots below). If you cannot access your email or mobile phone number, you will be prompted a security question. The eFile.com App with email you a Sign-In Verification Code to your email inbox - make sure you check your spam folder as well. You will receive a 6 digit code in the email. Please copy/paste or enter the code in the white box and click the green "Submit code and log me in" button. Enter this on the eFile.com Sign-Up or Sign-In page. If you missed the code expiration time, you can click the Resend link on the Sign-Up or Sign-In page. If you select mobile phone you will receive a text message.

If you no longer have access to the email address you used to create your account, click the blue "What if I can't access my email" button and you will be asked to answer security questions to access your account. Unfortunately, if you provide incorrect answers, you will asked to create a new account (this is required for security purposes). 

Username recovery will enable you to have your username emailed to you via the email address you entered during registration. If you created multiple eFile.com accounts, you will receive the usernames associated with your email address.
For password recovery, you will need to enter your username - if you can't remember your username see above User Recovery. If you entered the correct username, your password will be emailed to you - also check your email spam folder. If you registered multiple accounts on eFile.com, you will need to enter the username for each of the accounts to receive the associated password.
Change Email Address
Need to change your email address in your eFile.com account? Sign-in to your efile.com account and go to My Account. Sign-In to eFile.com
Did you change, forgot, or no longer have access to your email address since you registered or signed up on eFile.com, recently or a previous year? Click the link in the left column and you will be prompted to provide personal information. Or, contact an eFile.com support Agent
No luck with your recovery or update attempts? Discuss your problem with one of our support agents

Sample Account Verification Screenshots

get account confirmation code

Make a selection. If you selected the email option click the blue button shown on the screen to have an account confirmation code sent to your email address. Once you click the blue button, you will see this information:

enter account confirmation code

If you need more help with your efile.com account, send an efile.com support request and an eFile.com Taxpert will assist you as quickly as possible.