Tax Preparation Service Levels on

Tax Preparation Service Levels

Online tax preparation services are not created equally; some offer different in-app experiences while others only help you file a federal income tax return, but not states. Get all your state and federal income taxes done in our user-friendly, online tax app here on

Below on this page, you will find a detailed overview of all the features offered in your eFile account in a comparative table.

What is unique about is that our tax app will up- or downgrade you at anytime based on your tax information. Thus, you never start with the incorrect tax service level (Free, Deluxe, or Premier) as the tax app works for you and will always provide the version you qualify for. There are no gimmicks and no constant requests to upgrade or to purchase additional services.

There are other tax preparation sites where, once you have picked a tax service level at the start, they will not downgrade you, but constantly "bombard you" to upgrade and add additional services to your selection. With, you can be assured to not only have the legally correct forms, but also the lowest price tax service based on your tax information if it is not already free. As a result, you don't have to worry about which tax service package to select as you will always end up with the right solution. will downgrade you even if you started with a different tax service package. Dare to compare with TurboTax® and H&R Block® - only offers Meet n' Beat pricing so you know you will get the best tax preparation deal.

Over 65 Million Self-Prepared Returns were e-Filed in 20231). Find out why has become so popular and why taxpayers are choosing - and trusting - as their personal online tax preparation and e-file service: Taxesfaction guaranteed.


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Which service is right for you? The answer is simple. Start any services and the eFile Tax App will do the rest for you: either downgrade or upgrade you only based on the complexity of your tax return and nothing else. Period.

For example, if three features in the Free Basic section apply to you, but one other feature is in Deluxe and one in Premier, you will only qualify for Premier. To make the selection simple for you, you can start free with any service and we will down- or upgrade you to the feature that applies to you based on your tax questions. Tax Service Features

Review the table below to see which tax service level you may qualify for. Start for free, regardless of your situation, and the eFile platform will determine this for you once you have finished entering data and are ready to file.

Free Basic

Start free using any of the buttons below - eFile will automatically choose the lowest price for you based on the information you enter. If your return is not free, you only pay after you have reviewed your tax return results.

Service Level, Tier
Free Basic
Federal tax return service fee. is up to 75% less than TurboTax® - dare to compare!
Free $0
$29 $39.95
$39 $49.95
Optional and unlimited state returns on for all states, not per state.
In comparison, sites like H&R Block® and TurboTax® charge from $35 to as much as $60 PER STATE return, not one low price for ALL states like!
$29.95 $49
$29.95 $49
$29.95 $49
Start Your Return

See for yourself how compares to TurboTax® and H&R Block® plus learn more about how much free returns really are. We make IT less taxing on

1) IRS e-File Tax Report.