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2024 Return
Due in 2025

Tax returns get filed in the subsequent year of the; for example, tax year 2024 gets filed in 2025 and so on. This tax return calculator and estimator is for tax year 2024 due in 2025. Important: The 2024 standard deductions and 2024 tax brackets have been added; all other values are based on 2023 tax tables as most of the 2024 tax data has not been finalized. As soon as new 2024 tax data is released by the IRS, this tool will be updated.

Answer each question by either selecting the options shown or by entering dollar ($) amounts or estimate values. For more help, select the question mark symbol at the end of each question.
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Tax Calculator, Refund Estimator for 2024 IRS Tax Returns Due in 2025

Estimated Results: $0000

Select and click on your Filing Status below.
Do you qualify to claim one or more Dependent(s) on your tax return?
Enter your and your spouse's estimated or reported annual tax year income from all jobs and income sources. One income type is required in order to proceed to the next section.
Enter Your Tax Year Income Annual W-2, paycheck based income (estimates are okay). Do not include paycheck pre-tax deductions e.g. healthcare expenses, 401K, retirement, etc.
Your Spouse's Tax Year Income See instructions above under 01 (estimates are okay)
All Tax Year Unemployment Income Add your (and spouse) total from Form 1099-G or estimate
Your Tax Year Federal Taxes Withheld Add your annual tax withholding based on your W-2 or paychecks (estimates are okay)
Your Spouse's Tax Year Federal Taxes Withheld Add your spouse's annual tax withholding based on your W-2 or paychecks (estimates are okay)
Self-Employment Form 1099-NEC or 1099-MISC
Social Security Form SSA or Form 1042S
Retirement Form 1099-R etc.
Farm Profit/Loss statement
Your Estimated AGI
Rental / Real Estate Profit/Loss statement or 1099-MISC
Interest / Dividends 1099-INT or 1099-DIV
Long Term Capital Gains / Losses
Short Term Capital Gains / Losses
Refunds / Credits / Offsets
Other Gains / Losses
Other Income

Based on your information, it looks like you only have Social Security income and if this is correct, you generally will not owe taxes or get a refund and may not need to file a tax return.

Your Tax Year Standard Deduction for You and Your Spouse - Should You Choose Standard or Itemized?
Standard Deduction
Deductible Part of Self-Employment Tax
Qualified Business Income Deduction
Medical / Dental Expenses
Home Mortgage Interest and Points Form 1098
State and Local Taxes (SALT) e.g. Real estate taxes, sales taxes, personal property taxes
Charity Contributions
Pre-Tax IRA, 401-K Contributions Form 5498
Health Savings Acct. (HSA) Contributions Form 5498-SA
Self-Employed Retirement Plan Contributions
Self-Employed Health Care Premiums
Alimony Paid
Moving Expenses
Student Loan Interest / Tuition and Fees Form 1098-T
Educator Expenses
Early Withdrawal of Retirement Penalty
Casualty / Theft Loss from Federally Declared Disasters
Investment Interest
Reservist / Performing Artists / Fee-basis Government Expenses
Other Taxes Paid
Other Itemized Deductions
Are you responsible for any of these taxes or did you make any of these repayments for Tax Year 2024? Details.
Alternative Minimum Tax
First-Time Homebuyer Credit Repayment
Unreported Social Security/Medicare
Premium Tax Credit Repayment
Tax on IRAs / Other Savings Accounts
Household Employment Taxes
Other Taxes You Pay
Click on the Tax Credits Help below for instructions on the amounts to enter - details.
Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
Child Tax Credit
Additional Child Tax Credit
Credit for Other Dependents
Child and Dependent Care Expenses Before you select Yes or No or enter the expense amount, check the CAREucator tool to find out if you qualify for this credit.
Child and Dependent Care Credit Amount Max. Credit Amount $2,100
American Opportunity Credit Education Tax Credit Form 1098-T by an eligible educational institution
Lifetime Learning Credit
Premium Tax Credit for Health Insurance Reported via Form 1095-A to you
Retirement Savings Contributions Credit
Residential Energy Credit
Foreign Tax Credit
Other Tax Credits
Enter the following tax payment amounts you made during the tax year. As a result, they will increase your tax refund or reduce your taxes owed.
IRS Federal Taxes Withheld Through Your Paycheck(s) As entered by you in the Income section from your W-2 or as an estimate
Taxes You Paid When You Filed an IRS Tax Return Extension for the given Tax Year
Excess Social Security Taxes Withheld during the Tax Year
Previous Tax Year Tax Overpayments
Tax Year Tax Estimates
You have now Successfully Completed Your IRS Income Tax Return Calculation!
Estimated Tax Refund: $
Estimated Taxes Owed: $
It looks like you are not getting a Tax Refund, nor will you owe additional Taxes.
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Manage Your Current Calendar Year Tax Withholding via Form W-4

This section is not part or required for your tax return calculation, but rather it encourages you to work on your tax withholding for the current calendar year. If you show a tax refund you have until now until December 31, 2024 to manage your tax withholding and bring down your tax refund and increase your paycheck at the same time.

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