Ways On How To Pay Taxes

Even if you can not pay all your income taxes due, we strongly recommend you file your tax returns - or tax extension - as soon as possible. Most tax payers don't know, that the late filing penalties are considerably higher than the late payment penalties. Find Tax Forms and Calculators for back taxes here. As of March 17, 2020 only the deadline to pay IRS taxes owed for 2019 Tax Returns has been postponed to July 15, 2020. Thus, the filing deadline of April 15, 2020 has not changed. Find state related tax deadline and payment information. Should anything change, we will update this here.

eFile.com Tax Ideas

Taxes and Death are still thought to be as the two most certainties in this life. Did you know that the IRS penalties for not paying taxes on time are generally less than the penalties for not filing a tax return? So filing a tax return or at least an extension on time should not be an excuse even if you can't pay the taxes at that time.

  • What to do when one does not have the funds to pay for taxes on time?
  • How to pay taxes via eFile.com or other methods?
  • Estimate potential IRS Late Tax Payment Penalties

Methods and Tax Payment Procedures

Income Tax Payment
Estimate your 2019 taxes first.
Previous year or back taxes.
As stated above, late filing penalties are generally higher than late payment penalties. Find out for yourself. Currently, we only have a tool to estimate IRS penalties and not state penalties.
Pay your Federal taxes directly at the IRS without any fees.
You will find an overview of tax payment options, regardless whether you now have the funds available or not, or are using eFile.com to prepare and efile your taxes, or have used another filing method.
This is when you don't have the funds to pay taxes now as you are preparing and e-filing or filing your return(s). Don't let this stop you from filing! Tax Tip: File a return or extension and pay nothing or as little as you can.
Read about taxpayer hardship and what the options are when it comes to paying taxes. Offers in Compromise is just one of them.
Learn about the tax ramifications if you have filed for personal bankruptcy.
Follow step-by-step instructions on how to submit tax payments via direct deposit or mailed check with your tax return on eFile.com.
Payment options if your federal tax debt account was turned over by the IRS to a PCA or Private Collection Agency.
See what other experienced eFilers have said over time.
Take a break from Taxes. Listen to the eFile Song.
Need more Tax Help on ways to pay for your taxes? Check out these support option or contact one of our Taxperts.



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