Child Tax Credit Calculator 2022


There can be three parts to the Child Tax Credit:

  • The Child Tax Credit or CTC - $2,000 for each qualifying child
  • The Credit for Other Dependents or ODC - $500 for each qualifying individual
  • The Additional Child Tax Credit or ACTC - up to $1,500 for qualifying individuals.

The CTC and ODC are non-refundable tax credits and the ACTC is a refundable tax credit.

This #childtaxcredit calculator below will let you know if you qualify for the Child Tax Credit and/or Other Dependent Tax Credit on your 2022 tax return; the amounts are also included. The Additional Child Tax Credit or ACTC requires information that is based on your 2022 tax return, thus we suggest you use the eFile tax app to calculate all three Child Tax Credit related credits in the context of your 2022 tax return for free 

After you use the CHILDucator below, we strongly recommend you also use the CAREucator or Child and Dependent Care Credit Calculator to find out if you might qualify for this other tax credit in case you have had child or dependent care expenses.

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Find out if you can claim the Child Tax Credit or the Other Dependents Credit.

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Do you (and your spouse if married filing jointly) have an SSN or ITIN?
Details about the SSN, ITIN
Is the child/person your qualified Dependent or Relative on your 2022 Tax Return?
Details about Dependent(s)
Enter the number of children under the age of 17 as of December 31, 2022 who have a valid SSN; enter 0 for none. Details about the SSN
Credit for Other Dependent(s): Enter the number of children/persons; enter 0 for non.
ODC Qualifications
Is your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) for 2022 over: $200,000 for singles or over $400,000 for married filing joint? MAGI restrictions
If your MAGI amount is below the MAGI phaseout for your filing status for 2022, your child credit will not be affected by the MAGI phaseout. If your MAGI amount is above the MAGI phaseout, your credit or exclusion may be reduced. Use the free eFile Tax App to calculate the exact amount or the PDF Worksheet for form 8812 now.
You qualify for the following 2022 Child Tax or Other Dependent Credit: Details
Child Tax Credit Amount:
Other Dependent Credit Amount:
You do not qualify for the 2022 Child Tax or Other Dependent Credit
Can you claim the Additional Child Tax Credit or ACTC worth up to $1,500?
Is this person your dependent and can they be included on your tax return?
Can you claim the Dependent Care Credit for this person, worth up to $2,100?
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Once you have determined if a child or person qualifies for any of the three child tax credits, create a free account and prepare a return for the detailed additional child tax credit amount. Only on can you view your tax return via a PDF file before you e-File your taxes with the IRS and or state tax agency. will calculate all your tax credits for you, thus you will not have to complete complicated IRS forms. If you wish to calculate your child tax credit, other dependent credit or additional child tax credit use form 8812.

  • Note: The IRS has stated - see Schedule 8812 Instructions page 1 - that they can not issue refunds before the middle of February 2023 for returns that properly claim the ACTC. This time frame applies to the entire refund, not just the portion associated with Advanced Child Tax Credit.
  • If a taxpayer erroneously claims (due to reckless or intentional wrong statements) the Child Tax Credit (CTC), the Advanced Child Tax Credit (ACTC), or the Credit for Other Dependents (ODC), the taxpayer might not be allowed to claim any of these credits for 2 years even if the taxpayer might be otherwise eligible for them. If it is determined that an error was due to fraud, the taxpayer will not be allowed to claim any of these credits for 10 years; in addition penalties might apply.
  • More details about the Child Tax Credit, Other Dependent Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit: Schedule 8812.