How to Obtain, Download a Tax Return Copy

Tax Return Copy

Keeping a copy of your tax return has many benefits. Your IRS and State Tax Return(s) are stored on if you prepared and e-filed or downloaded/printed/mailed your return(s) via As an existing user, you can access your previous year's tax returns for up to 7 years for free.  

Attention: Depending on why you need a tax return copy, you might get a tax transcript instead, as it's easier to obtain than a tax return copy.

1. Tax Return Copies of Returns PREPARED via


1. You DID prepare Returns via

Step 1: Sign in to
Step 2: Click on My Account

2. Your My Account and a List of PDF files

The last three years of your returns are stored here for free.
Click on the PDF icon for the respective tax year. Based on your browser settings, the PDF will either open in a tab or prompt you to download the PDF.
Android and iPhone users: Click the three dots in the upper-right corner of your device or follow these mobile user download instructions.

My Account

3. Returns Older Than 3 Years

Contact us for returns prepared on that are older than three years. For existing customers, returns remain accessible for up to 7 years for free. For customers who are not using during the current tax year, a small fee might apply, which is contingent on account history.

Archived return copies which can be obtained at $9.95/per return copy. In comparison, the IRS charges $43.00/per return copy for any return, no matter what year. The IRS only provides copies for the current tax year and six previous tax years, 2016-2022.

After October 15 of each year, archived returns for tax years 2016-2019 can be obtained for $9.95 per copy, while 2020-2022 are in your account for free.  Archived returns for Tax Years 2013-2015 can be obtained for $29.00 per copy since these cannot be obtained from the IRS.

4. State Tax Return

State Tax Returns are stored together with the Federal Tax Return in your My Account as outlined above and are included in the PDF file.

2. Tax Returns Copies of Returns NOT PREPARED via


1. Copies of Tax Returns NOT prepared on

Contact the online platform, tax app provider, or professional office where you prepared or had your tax returns prepared.

2. Return Transcript Based by Tax Year
Learn more about free Tax Return Transcript Types and
Steps to Obtain an IRS Tax Transcript
Order a free tax return transcript by phone by calling the automated Internal Revenue Service Transcript Order Line at 1-800-908-9946.
C: IRS Return Copy/Paid IRS Copy
Here's an overview of how to obtain a tax return copy. Complete Form 4506 now and download, print, and mail it to the address on the form. The IRS fee is over $40 per tax return copy for ANY year's return.
C: State Return Copy By State
Contact your state tax agency by state for your state tax return copies.