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Tax Day is April 18, 2022 for 2021 Tax Returns. If you miss that date, you can prepare and e-File your 2021 Taxes until October 15 October 17, 2022. You may, however, be subject to late filing and/or late payment penalties and a tax extension may be due. Late filing penalties do not apply if you expect a tax refund, but you only have 3 years to file and claim your tax refund; for 2021 returns, that is April 18, 2025.

2022 Tax Deadline Tips by Tess

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Tax Deadline Page | File Back-Taxes | DATEucator | State Deadlines | Ways to Pay for Taxes

* Tax Day dates mentioned in the audio are subject to change. Click here for up-to-date Tax Day Deadlines.

Below, find a list of tax return types including extensions and amendments by tax year. Find out which type you can e-file and which not and see how to check your refund status plus tax return tips. Prepare your taxes with and the eFile app will help select and complete all forms that can be e-filed as well as those that need to be paper filed - you will not have to worry about whether or not a specific form can be electronically filed or not.

Income Tax Return Types, Deadlines

The table is organized by tax year, tax topic, and a brief description. Navigate to the topic link for an overview of the subject and learn more about your tax situation.

Tax Returns
Follow these tax return checklist steps before you prepare and eFile. Begin collecting applicable forms, such as a W-2 from your employer.
Find easy to use tax calculators, estimators, and many other tools. These free utilities allow you to get a better idea of your taxes without entering any unnecessary personal information.
Detailed overview of the forms the eFile Tax App will eFile for you with your tax return based on your tax information provided during the easy interview. Other 2021 Tax Forms you can complete but not eFile.
2021 and Prior
Current and previous tax year deadlines - see this page to make note of when returns are due for state and federal taxes.

State Income Tax Return(s)

List of states that require an income tax return. Due to IRS and state tax agency regulations (not, you can only e-file a state tax return together with an IRS Income Tax Return - with the exception of the State of California.

IRS Tax Extension
State Tax Extension(s)

Starting in March 2022, you can eFileIT a 2021 IRS and/or State Tax Extension(s). For all previous years, you can no longer prepare, file an income tax return extension.
2021, Others

IRS Tax Amendment
State Tax Amendment(s)

Currently, the IRS Form 1040-X for tax amendments can be completed on, but not e-Filed. The e-File option for Form 1040-X will be made available later in 2022. For 2021, you can prepare an amendment on, but the Form 1040-X must be printed, signed, and mailed to the IRS. Select your respective state tax amendment form.

Previous year Income Tax Forms

Previous year returns can no longer be e-Filed. Download the tax forms via the link here before you complete, print, sign, and mail them to the IRS. You can also hire a professional tax preparer or ask an Taxpert if you have questions. We also post many free tax calculator tools for each year on this page.

Your Tax Filing Status helps to find the right tax return filing status for you as it's part of your e-filed tax return. See our free STATucator to find out now if you are unsure. Your filing status determines certain Adjusted Gross Income limits you may be entitled to as well as a different, potentially higher standard deduction.

What is Taxable and Tax Free Income?

Find out which of your Income types are actually taxable and which are tax free. While most income is taxable, there are different kinds of tax free income, such as alimony payments or employee-provided health insurance.

Tax Deductions for You

During the tax interview, the eFile app picks the tax deduction forms for you and will e-file them with your IRS and/or state income tax return(s).
Find out where you federal IRS and/or state income tax return refund is. The eFile DATEucator will help estimate the status of your refund so you can anticipate a direct deposit or mailed check.
2021, 2022
Find ways to pay your taxes owed, if applicable. Pay through many options, whether paying on, directly through the IRS, or by setting up an IRS payment plan.

Smart + Stupid e-Filing Tips

Tips to be smart about e-filing your income taxes. Prepare to tax prepare by planning ahead and keeping track of your expenses and income during the year.

Prepare your 2021 Tax Return on and take the complication out of filing. The eFile app will help select the deduction method that works best for you, help claim any tax credits you may be eligible for, and provide full access to your previous returns directly in your account. See why to choose and learn how the tax app works.

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