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Are Free Tax Returns Really Free?

We believe in treating customers fairly by letting them know exactly what services are included in our Free 1040EZ Basic version and what services they get when they pay for our Premium version. Unlike other popular online tax sites, we don't constantly ask you to upgrade or hide any credits or deductions if you use the Free 1040EZ Tax Return. The software only upgrades you to Deluxe or Premium based on the tax information you entered. This assures you that you will always have the LEGALLY correct tax form (1040-EZ, 1040A, or 1040). You don't have to pay for anything until youfree means free review your return and are completely satisfied that it is ready to efile. 

Is the Free Federal Edition or 1040EZ Form Really Free?

Yes, the free Federal Edition includes all tax forms, credits, and deductions that are eligible for a 1040EZ efile it tax return. If you are eligible (based on your tax answers) to use Form 1040EZ, our free service will be all you need. We will not repeatedly ask you to upgrade or try to sell you other services. You will get the same services for the FREE edition as you can expect for the DELUXE or PREMIUM edition. In addition, your tax refund will not be less (or more) than it would be with the DELUXE or PREMIUM service.

Why Was I Upgraded to the Deluxe or Premium Edition When I Started for Free?

If you start with the Free Basic Federal Edition and you do end up requiring an additional form which is not eligible for a 1040EZ tax return, you will be automatically upgraded to Deluxe or Premium.

What If I Start with the Deluxe or Premium Edition, but Qualify for the Free Edition? 

You will get a FREE tax return. In the end,  it doesn't matter where you started from: you will automatically qualify for the right service based on the answers you provide during the tax interview. On® or®, you will not be downgraded to a FREE return if you start with DELUXE or PREMIUM. 

So What Does Free Mean on 

It means free service without being pressured to give up FREE and pay for what you don't need.

Are There Really Free Tax Return Preparation and Filing Solutions Online?

Yes, there are, but every site may have different meanings for FREE. Are there free lunches? No, of course not. Hard to believe when you are constantly bombarded with internet or TV ads about Absolutely Free Tax Returns. 

What's the Price of Free?

What is's View of Free Tax Returns?

We believe that FREE is nothing but an advertising technique. Most people who see the word FREE are not naive and they don't believe that they will get something for nothing. At the same time, an irrational part of the human brain would love to believe in FREE, so we go for it.

Some large companies have entire legal departments who spend time trying to use the word FREE so that FREE does not become a legal liability. In other words, that promised FREE doesn't become genuinely free.

Can sites like, H&R Block®, or TurboTax® pay their employees with FREE tax returns they offer their customers? Of course not, employees don't work for FREE.

How Does Free Work on Most Tax Return Preparation and Filing Websites?

If you try the FREE option, you will soon find out that you are bombarded with "suggestions" to upgrade every step of the way, often accompanied by promises of better service or a bigger refund... if only you upgrade to one of the paid service options.

You may be told:

  • "Upgrade now and you will get more help."
  • "Upgrade now and you will get your maximum refund."
  • "There is a better version for your tax return, upgrade now!"
  • "Upgrade now and find out how much your refund really could be!"
  • "Get instant, faster help if you upgrade now."
  • "Buy the Deduction Finder and we will maximize your deductions."
  • The list of empty promises is endless...

Thank you for visiting and hopefully choosing as your online tax preparation service and solution.

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