2021 Taxes Due in 2022: Tax Return Deadlines


Let's work together on your 2021 Taxes: Due Date is 4/18/2022.
For 2022 Tax Returns, the due date is April 15, 2023.
Keep more of your hard earned money now!

A1: Between now and December 31 is a critical tax planning time: Fail to Plan is Plan to Fail!

A2: Start Gathering Your 2021 Receipts (e.g. Medical Expenses, Home Sales/Purchase Transactions, etc.)

tax return timeline

A3: Use the eFile.com Tax Preparation Checklist.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday - but don't discuss taxes during dinner. It's too charged of a topic!

B1: Review the tax implications of life changing events.

B2: Review your tax filing status, find out if you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, or see whether you should even file a tax return this year.

B3: Use the many interactive 2021 Tax Return Tools and assess your Tax Self.

B4: Review potential tax deductions. Got any ongoing deductible expenses (e.g. medical, dental expenses)? Get them in by December 31.

B5: You could be eligible for tax credits in 2021; don't leave money on the table!

tax return timeline

B6: Set or update your communication preferences with eFile.com.

B7: Between now and December 31, use the eFile.com 2021 TAXstimator.

B8: Tax Play and Tax Win. Make us work for you! We give out gift cards, promo codes, and free tax returns.

B9: Last but not least: Good tax planning might free up some funds later during tax return time. This will help you pay for the many December religious and multicultural holiday gifts. You will be able to more easily focus on these holidays if you don't have to worry about your taxes - and planning it in advance here on eFile.com will help you do that.

Happy Holidays!

Start of 2022

Happy New Year! Are you ready for your refund?

C1: Which tax service on eFile.com is right for you? Taxesfaction guaranteed! Not sure? Dare to Compare eFile.com versus H&R Block® or TurboTax®1)!

tax return timeline

C2: Create or sign into your eFile.com Account. Have all your tax records ready and start entering your information: name, address, income, deductions, etc. eFile.com will do the rest and show you the results. Ask a Taxpert questions at any time from the tax app. Remember - you don't have to do this alone!

C3: Important: We strongly recommend that you don't file until January 31, 2022 as that is the deadline by when you should have received your important forms. Even after this date, do not file unless you are 100% certain that you have received and entered all your income and deductions forms (e.g. W-2s from jobs, 1099s, bank interest, 1098 for home mortgage interest).

C4: Estimate your tax refund date on eFile.com.

C5: Think about your upcoming estimated tax payments for Tax Year 2022.

C6: January 2022 is the time to taxercise your 2022 W-4 or tax withholding with the paycheck tax calculator.

D1: Start the checkout process on eFile.com! Depending on your situation, you can select either one of these tax refund options or these ways to pay for taxes. Questions? Access Premium eFile.com Support at any time.

D2: Have you 2020 AGI or Adjusted Gross Income handy and enter your correct bank information if you selected direct bank deposit or address in case you requested a check in the mail. During checkout, make sure you click the green "E-file" button to e-file your tax return and complete the process.

tax return timeline

D3: Under My Account in the eFile.com tax app, verify the accuracy of your email address as you will receive critical transactional emails on the status and progress of your tax return(s). Add this email address to your white list in your email inbox so important eFile.com emails to you don't land in your spam folder: support@efile.com

D4: Tax Return Status: After you have signed into your eFile.com account, you will see one of these tax return statuses listed: e-File Your Return, Pending, Rejected, or Accepted. What do they mean?

D5: Check your IRS and/or state tax refund status after your returns have been accepted by the respective agencies.

D6: Need to make a correction after the IRS or state - not eFile.com - rejected your return? Instructions to make the correction and refile for free as many times as needed.

D6: Where is your refund money? Lookup by your selected tax refund option.

E1: Keep a copy of your completed, electronically filed, and accepted tax returns. Download them under My Account in the eFile.com Tax App.

E2: Need to only prepare one or more state returns without filing an IRS return?

tax return timeline

E3: At the end of March, you can e-File an IRS Tax Extension via eFile.com. But what about state extensions?

E4: Darn! Need to make a change to an accepted IRS or state return? Learn about tax amendments.

E5: Need to prepare and file back taxes for years prior to Tax Year 2021? Pick a tax year here.

F1: Welcome procrastinators to eFile.com! Just in case you are curious how many hours you have left to make this year's tax deadline, we've got the answer for you! Additionally, find your state's tax return deadline

F2: Get this! The tax penalties for NOT e-Filing anything are higher than NOT paying anything (if you owe taxes). Estimate your potential tax penalties.

F3: Tax return or tax extension: is that your question? Check the specific state extension deadlines that might apply to you.

tax return timeline

F4: Not only is April 18 the deadline to file a 2021 Return, but you have 3 years from the tax year in question to file and claim a tax refund. After that, your money belongs to the IRS. Don't become part of the unclaimed refund statistic. 

G1: If you owe taxes, check again whether your return(s) got accepted by the IRS and state agencies if applicable.

G2: If one or more of your return(s) got rejected by the IRS or state(s), follow these rejection correction steps.

G3: If you eFiled a tax extension, you only have one day to make any corrections and re-file.

G4: Make sure you have a copy of your completed, e-Filed, and accepted Tax Returns. You can also keep copies in your eFile.com account. Download the PDF of your Return under My Account from your eFile.com Tax App account.

H1: In case you missed the April 18, 2022 deadline, don't worry: you can prepare and eFile your IRS and state taxes here on eFile.com until October 15 October 17, 2022. After that date, it's only paper returns for back taxes.

H2: Would you like just to prepare and file one or more state tax returns? On eFile.com, you can prepare as many states as you need for one low price of $28 for all - not just one - state(s). Start Now.

H3: Set your 2022 Tax Return goals. Taxercise your income, paycheck, and tax withholding: Start the Taxometer now.

tax return timeline

H4: Keep more of your hard earned money. The Taxometer will give you detailed instructions on what your tax withholding should be based on your 2021 Tax Return and your 2022 Tax Goals.

H5: Don't self impose a 2022 tax refund penalty! Too many taxpayers do this, find out!

H6: Still need to prepare and file back taxes for past tax years?

H7: Make changes to an accepted tax return or file a tax amendment. You can only mail this in as it cannot be e-Filed.

H8: Did you e-File an IRS Tax Extension via eFile.com and/or mail in a state tax extension? Sign into your eFile.com Account to prepare and eFile 2021 IRS and state tax returns by October, 15 October 17, 2022. Don't face a late filing penalty after Oct. 15 Oct. 17, 2022!

H9: Fail to Plan Is Plan to Fail. Right or wrong, taxes are in every aspect of our lives. See how life changing events might impact your taxes.

H10: April 18: Did you know that we work almost 24 hours on April 18 here for you? Don't get caught in this tax rush! You are gambling with the deadline. After you have e-Filed by 11:59 PM on April 18,  follow points D4, D5, and D6 as listed above.

I1: Oct. 1 - you have only a couple weeks to prepare and e-File your 2021 Tax Return. Don't delay and Start Now.

I2: Do you only need to prepare one or more state returns without an IRS return?

tax return timeline

I3: Do you need to make one or more changes to an accepted IRS or state return? Learn about how to prepare and mail tax amendments.

I4: Owe taxes and don't have the funds to pay? That should not be a reason not to e-File. Late filing penalties are considerably higher than late tax payment penalties. Thus, prepare and e-File by Oct. 15 Oct. 17 right here, right now.

October 15 October 17, 2022

IRS Tax e-File Deadline for 2021 Tax Returns
The Deadline for your State(s)

J1: Check again whether your return(s) got accepted by the IRS and state agencies if applicable.

J2: Need to make a correction to one or more of your return(s)? Follow these instructions and re-file at no charge.

J3: Last but not least: Keep a copy of your completed, e-Filed, and accepted tax returns. Download them from the My Account page in the eFile.com Tax App.

October 16 October 18 - Oct. 31, 2022

Tax Return and record keeping maintenance time
The 2022/23 Tax Return cycle starts again at the top of this page
The year just changes. We will update this by Oct. 31, 2022.

1) Based on data collected as of January, 2022, subject to change without notice. H&R Block® At Home is a registered trademark of HRB Innovations, Inc. TurboTax® is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.