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2018 AGI, 2019 Income, Wage Forms

Are you missing your 2018 Adjusted Gross Income - AGI - or important 2019 income forms (e.g. W-2, 1099, etc.) required to complete your 2019 Tax Return? Or are you missing wage and income forms or tax return data for previous years? Obtain these records online for free via the transcript link below. Then, prepare and eFile your 2019 Tax Return now. If you need to file previous year(s) or back taxes, find the forms and calculators by tax year. Once you have completed the back taxes forms, they can only be mailed in.

Tax Return

If you prepared and eFiled your latest Tax Return via, read the instructions how to download a copy of your return.  We encourage you to use when preparing your 2019 Taxes, as you will have access to your tax returns for 10 years, thus you will always have your latest Adjusted Gross Income or AGI.

Important:  If you did not use but other tax prep. platforms like TurboTax® or H&R Block® etc. to prepare and file your 2018 Tax Return, you do not need a 2018 Tax Return copy but only a free IRS Tax Transcript to get your 2018 Adjust Gross Income or AGI, in order for you to prepare and eFile your 2019 Tax Return via


Free Online Tax Return or Income Transcript


When applying for a mortgage, loan, etc., you might be asked to provide a copy or transcript of your IRS tax return. While a transcript is a document that summarizes the information from your tax return, a copy shows your fully completed (inlcuding all forms and schedules), submitted, and accepted tax return. If you are not sure whether to obtain a tax return copy or return transcript, you will need to ask the requesting financial institution (e.g. mortgage, loan company, etc.). 

If you submitted estimated tax payments and/or applied an overpayment from a prior year tax return to your current year tax return, you can request your transcript a few weeks after the beginning of the year prior to filing your current year return in order to confirm the payments. 

Registration Data: The following data is required to register your personal IRS account before you can access your tax transcripts online:  Full Name, Email address, Birth date, Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), Tax filing status, Current mailing address, and U.S. mobile phone number associated with your name (so the IRS can send you a text message about your IRS account and protect your information). 

Identity Verification: To verify your identity, the IRS might ask you to provide all or some of the information listed here: Credit Card, Mortgage or Home Equity Loan, Home Equity Line of Credit, Auto Loan, Previous Home Address, Previous Employers, etc. The IRS will not charge you nor will you be sharing any account balances or other financial information with the IRS.

IRS Transcript Types

Transcript Type
Sample IRS Account Transcripts
Tax Return
In the Return Transcript section, you will see your tax return Form 1040 including other forms and schedules by line item as it was originally filed for the selected tax year. Any changes as a result of changes made by the IRS or made by you or your preparer in the form of a tax amendment, etc. will also be listed here. A return transcript will meet in most cases the requirements of lending organizations (e.g. mortgage, student loan, etc.). 
Get your original AGI or adjusted income for the given tax year via a tax return transcript.
W-2 Wage, Income Data
The Wage & Income section will provide you with your W-2, 1099 and/or 1098 data as it was reported to the IRS by employer(s), banks, etc. Keep in mind the information for the current filing tax year might not be up-to-date until July in the following year. For example, 2019 Tax Year data might not be complete until July 2020.
Sample Transcript View
Tax Account
The Record of Account sections provide adjustments you, your preparer, or the IRS made after you filed the original tax return as shown under the Tax Return section. This transcript shows filing status, adjusted gross income, or AGI and taxable income.
Record of Account
The Record of Account section combines tax return and tax account transcripts by tax year.
Verification of Non-filing Letter
Use any of the above sections for the verification information asked for in the non-filing letter you might have received from the IRS.



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