Prepare and e-file Your 2018 Taxes

Suggested steps and checklist you should take prior to preparing and e-filing your Taxes. These are of course not required but helpful so you don't miss forms or data on your return that could result into you having to prepare and mail in a tax amendment.

Income Tax Return Checklist

Tax Year
Type of Return
Checklist to collect all forms, data etc. before you prepare and efile your income tax return
Go over these life changing events and see how they might effect your 2018 Taxes

Your 2017 Tax Return Copy

Ways to obtain a copy of your 2017 Tax Return Copy. You will need your 2017 AGI for your 2018 tax return - see below.

Employer Identification Number Number - EIN

If you received a W-2 form, you will need to enter the EIN for each unique employer

Social Security Number, Address, Name Change

Do you need a SSN? Or, has your address or name changed in 2018? If your return data does not match IRS data your return might get rejected

2017 Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) and/or Identity Number

You will need your 2017 AGI to be able to e-file and validate your 2018 Tax Return. Only, if you received a letter from the IRS with an Identity Number  you will need to enter this as well.

How do want to receive your 2018 Tax Refund?

You will need to select one of these options while preparing your 2018 tax return

How to pay for Taxes?

The penalties not to file are higher than not to pay. Tax Tip: File by the deadline, even if you can't pay!

The Alternative Minimum Tax- AMT. Does it apply to you?

This is just an FYI. When you prepare on the app will figure this out for you.
efileIT only together with a Federal Return. One or more state ONLY return(s) can be prepared on but must be printed and mailed.