Over 71 Million Tax Returns e-Filed in 2020! - Why eFile?

2020 Taxes in 2021, Prepare and e-File

On this page, find a checklist and different steps we recommend you should take prior to preparing and e-filing your taxes.

This page will help reduce errors and tax return rejections by the IRS and/or state agencies. As tax season approaches, you can start your 2020 Tax Return in January 2021 and they are due by April 15, 2021. However, we recommend you don't eFile until you are absolutely certain you have received all your tax forms, like a W-2 or 1099. According to the IRS, employers, etc. have to send these forms to you by January 31.

Furthermore, throughout the tax year, follow the eFile.com TickIT outline so you get to keep more of your hard earned money. Start using the eFile.com Taxometer in January to taxercise your paycheck, tax withholding, and balance your tax return.

2020 Income Tax Return Checklist

Tax Year
Type of Return
Follow these important Prep To Prep steps before you efile your 2020 Taxes.
Checklist to collect all forms, data etc. before you prepare and efile your income tax return
Go over these life changing events and see how they might effect your taxes
A list of forms you can enter while preparing your return. Forms the tax app will generate and eFile for you.

Your 2019 Tax Return Copy

Ways to obtain a copy of your 2019 Tax Return Copy. If you efiled via eFile.com, your 2019 return will be in your account. You will need your 2019 AGI for your 2020 tax return - see below.

Form W-2 for Wages and Salaries

You will receive a W-2 from your employer. The W-2 will list your total income and taxes withheld during the tax year.

1099 Income Tax Forms

You will get a 1099 form in the mail if you received certain types of income during the year. For example, if you are self-employed, you may receive a 1099-MISC. Keep in mind, there are many other types of 1099 forms that may be required for your Tax Return. 

Social Security Number, Address, Name Change

Do you need a SSN? Or, has your address or name changed in 2020? If your return data does not match IRS data, your return might get rejected

2019 Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)

You will need your 2019 AGI to be able to efile and validate your 2020 Tax Return. If you received a letter from the IRS with an Identity Number, you will need to enter this as well.

How do want to receive your 2020 Tax Refund?

You will need to select one of these options while preparing your 2020 tax return

How to pay for Taxes?

The penalties not to file are higher than not to pay. Tax Tip: file by the deadline, even if you can't pay!

The Alternative Minimum Tax- AMT. Does it apply to you?

This is extra information—when you prepare on efile.com, the app will figure this out for you.
efileIT only together with a Federal Return. One or more state ONLY return(s) can be prepared on efile.com but must be printed and mailed.

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