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Checklist for Upcoming Tax Returns

Prepare To Prepare Your Taxes

On this page, find a checklist and different steps we recommend you should take prior to preparing and e-filing your taxes. Find a preparation guide, help during the filing process, and how to receive your refund or pay your due tax.

This page will help reduce errors and tax return rejections by the IRS and/or state tax agencies. The Tax Season begins in January and returns are due by the April IRS tax deadline. If you miss this deadline you can eFileIT until October 15. We recommend you don't file until you are absolutely certain you have received all your tax forms, like a W-2 or 1099. According to the IRS, any employers, brokers, etc. have to send these forms to you by January 31.

Furthermore, throughout the tax year, follow the TickIT outline so you get to keep more of your hard-earned money. Start using the Taxometer in January to taxercise your paycheck, tax withholding, and balance your tax return. Take control of your finances and hang onto more of your hard-earned money and let us help file your next tax return online.

Income Tax Return Checklist

Filing your own taxes for the first time? Looking for steps on how to file your income tax return? The items below generally apply for all tax years, but will help you complete your current year tax return for federal and applicable state(s). View the description of the item and click the link to learn more and find helpful resources.

Preparation Step
Follow these important preparation steps before you e-file your taxes; see how simple it can be to file your taxes online. Using tax software is much safer and faster than mailing your return.
View this printable tax documents checklist to collect all your forms and receipts before you prepare and e-file your income tax return; check these forms off as you collect so you do not forget anything.
Go over these life changing events and see how they might affect your taxes; getting married, adding a dependent, and moving to a new home may change your tax situation.
Browse this list of forms you can enter while preparing your return; this list also includes the forms the tax app will generate and help you will in which can be e-filed to the IRS and state.
With or without an account, have access to 15 free tax tools that help you prepare. The best way to calculate your return is to start free on
See ways to obtain a copy of last year's tax return. If you e-filed via, your return will be in your account. You will need last year's AGI or Adjusted Gross Income to file this year's return - see below.
You will need last year's AGI to be able to e-file and validate you taxes this year. If you received a letter from the IRS with an Identity Protection number or an IP-PIN, you would need to enter this as well.
You will receive a W-2 from your employer which will list your total income and taxes withheld during the tax year. Most tax returns have this type of income; contact your employer if you do not receive this form by January 31.
You will get a 1099 form online and/or in the mail if you received certain types of income during the year. For example, if you are self-employed, you may receive a 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC. Keep in mind, there are many other types of 1099 forms that may be required for your tax return.
Do you need a new or updated SSN? Or, has your address or name changed? If your return data does not match IRS data, your return might get rejected.
You will need to select one of these options while preparing your tax return. Generally, direct deposit is recommended as it is the quickest and safest way to receive a tax refund.
You can pay taxes online to the IRS without needing to mail anything; see online state tax payment options. The tax penalties for not filing are much higher than not paying. Tax Tip: file by the deadline, even if you can't pay!
Generally, most taxpayers do not have to worry about the AMT. This is extra information - when you prepare your return on, the app will figure this out for you.
Calculate your tax return for free before you eFileIT. supports various 1040 Forms and their associated schedules which are outlined on the linked page. If your return only requires Form 1040, you may be able to file it online for free.
eFileIT only together with a federal return as per law, excluding the state of California. e-File your federal and state returns online together on for one low price. Otherwise, one or more state ONLY return(s) can be prepared on, but must be printed and mailed if you already filed your federal return elsewhere.

Want to save this page? You can save this as a tax checklist PDF on most Internet browsers. On a PC, press the control (Ctrl) and P keys together (control + print) to open a new dialogue box. Select or change the printer option to Save as PDF and you will be able to download this as a single document for you to print. On Mac, press the Command and P keys at the same time to do this. You can also print this tax documents checklist to check off forms and receipts as you collect them.

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