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Nevada Tax Facts

NV Income Tax

Nevada has no personal income tax.

NV Sales Tax

Nevada has a 6.85% sales tax rate. Counties can also collect option taxes. This can make the combined county/state sales tax rate as high as 8.10% in some areas.

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NV Personal Property Tax

Personal property taxes in Nevada are monitored at the local level by county treasurer and tax assessor offices. The assessor's online data usually includes the assessed value on the county tax roll. The county treasury's website typically details the taxes generated by the tax roll. NV law provides the partial abatement of property taxes based on the type of property.

Odd Nevada Tax Fact

Nevada does not have a lottery due to the state's large private gambling industry. 

Nevada State Tax Agency Contacts

You can contact the Nevada Department of Taxation at 1-866-962-3707.

For more information on Nevada state income taxes, you can visit the website of the Nevada Department of Taxation.

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