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From January 2019 until October 15, 2019 you can prepare and e-file 2018 Tax Year IRS Federal and State Income Tax Returns on

The tax filing and e-file deadlines for all previous Tax Years (2017 - 2004) have passed. At this point you can only prepare and mail in the paper tax forms to the IRS and/or respective state(s).

Important Tax Tip: In case you have not filed a previous year tax return, do this as soon as possible - download the forms below. Why? The late filing penalty is usually larger than the late payment penalty. Again, file you return and pay as little or as much as you can afford, or even nothing. At least the higher filing penalties will stop once you have filed. Check the PENALucator for detailed penalty fees.

We provide all the Forms, Tax Calculators, and Tools for previous year tax returns. Plus, you can contact one of our Taxperts to assist you with your previous year tax returns or tax amendments. In certain cases we work interactively with taxpayers and our CPA can prepare your previous year tax return with you.

Just in Case you Wonder: A Tax Year is from January 1 - December 31 for any given year. A Tax Season (prepare and eFile Returns for the previous calendar or Tax Year) is from January until October 15 of any current year. During any current Tax Season or calendar year a timely tax return would be prepared and efiled for the previous calendar year, or to put it simple: During January - October 15, 2018 you prepare and efile taxes for tax year or calendar year 2017.

One more Awareness Tip: Should you expect a Tax Refund for a previous year tax return, you practically don't have to worry about penalties. You should however be aware, that you can only claim your Tax Refund 3 years past the current Tax Year - 2015 yes, 2014, sorry too late :( Isn't it interesting that when you owe there are no limits going back, however if you expect a tax refund there is a 3 year limit? What do you think about that? Tell us.

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