Why to Prepare, e-File on eFile.com?

Tax return or extension?

Find out why eFile.com has become so popular and why taxpayers are choosing - and trusting - eFile.com as their personal online tax preparation and e-file service. Over 65 million self-prepared tax returns were e-filed in 2023*). PrepareIT Yourself, But Not Alone! Make eFile.com the home of your Taxpert®.

Know the facts:

  • eFile.com saves the self-employed and independent contractors money by offering a much more affordable options for Schedule C, Form 1040 returns.
  • Don't pay per form! Other places may charge you up to $10 per form; on a 30 page tax return, those numbers add up quickly. On eFile.com, we do not charge per form: pay one flat fee for federal taxes and one fee for one or multiple state tax returns.
  • eFile.com offers unlimited state tax returns for one low price! If you live in one state and work in another, you may be required to file two state income tax returns. Pay one flat price with no hidden changes as opposed to other platforms which charge per state return.
  • e-File your taxes and avoid mailing in paper forms and waiting for an IRS or state refund. e-Filing is safer, faster, and more efficient than mailing in your return.
  • Start free with no commitment: eFile.com will auto up or downgrade you so you always pay the lowest price guaranteed. Never pay until you are satisfied with your return and cancel any time - but contact us first so we can help.
  • See what verified users are saying about eFile.com.

We at eFile.com believe that it's more important to know how much of your hard-earned income you get to keep rather than the actual income you earned. Part of keeping more of your income is good tax planning, like knowing which tax deductions you qualify for and optimizing your tax withholding. eFile.com is always updated with the latest IRS tax law changes so your return is always prepared with 100% accuracy based on your entries. Get Taxesfaction by using eFile.com to file your federal and state taxes online.

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eFile IT and UnMax Your Tax

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Top 12 Reasons to eFileIT on eFile.com

eFileIT! IT is Income Taxes and we make IT easier for you! PrepareIT yourself, but not alone. DoIT and be done with IT.

Why eFile.com?
The eFile.com Tax App guarantees you 100% tax calculation accuracy, the fastest, biggest tax refund, and premium Taxpert® support.
Estimate your tax refund date now using the free DATEucator. Select a payment form of your choice and be in the know. The DATEucator is one of many free tax calculators courtesy of eFile.com.
Do IT Less Taxing!
IT = Income Taxes
We Will Help You Get IT done right!
Know your taxes and refund now before you prepare and eFile! Free and simple tax calculators are available for your upcoming return and refund.
Taxes are complicated enough; preparing them shouldn't be. Enjoy premium tax support via your Personal Tax Support Page. All your personal tax help in one spot, free.
Compare eFile.com features with TurboTax® and H&R Block®. eFile.com has many features not provided by others. Access your Personal Tax Support Page and make filing your return less complicated.
We, the Taxperts®, work with you on your personal taxes while we guarantee you the biggest tax refund or the lowest tax payments legally possible.
See what other experienced eFilers have said over time before you start for free and see for yourself.
Bored with taxes? Listen to the eFile Song now and "ReTax" - we promise, we will not play this for you while you prepare your return, but you may want to play it again if you like the size of your tax refund.
Don't Despair Over Income IT!
IT = Income Taxes
We Made IT Simple Again!
Most people cringe when they hear taxes. We get that, so we have created these easy to use, little to read tax tools and calculators. Get to know your finances and taxes without complicated math in the way, let the tools do the work.
We Meet n' Beat any tax preparation fee out there by 10%. Just tell us where you got a better price!
That's right, you can prepare and e-file as many income state tax returns as you need for one low price, not a price per state like you have to do on TurboTax® or H&R Block®.
Take these steps to prep for your eFile Tax Return. Proper tax planning can help you get ready for tax time so filing your taxes online is quick and painless.

Get your taxes done online with eFile.com by the tax deadline. The eFile Tax App will be running until the IRS closes e-filing usually in mid-October.

Additional Resources

With eFile.com, you may be able to file taxes online for free based on your income, deductions, filing status, and other information. Not sure how to file taxes as an independent contractor? eFile.com has the biggest savings for the self-employed when compared to other popular tax preparation platforms.

Tax planning: Use this free 2023 Tax Refund Calculator to estimate your taxes and get ready for next year; it's never too early to tax plan.

*) According to the latest IRS e-File Tax Report.