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Idaho Income Taxes and ID State Tax Forms

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The tax software makes it easy for you to efile your state tax return and use the correct state tax forms. Prepare and efile your Idaho state tax return (resident, nonresident, or part-year resident) and Federal tax return together or separately at View the federal tax return filing requirements.

Idaho Income Tax Filing Deadline

The regular deadline to file a Idaho state income tax return is April 15.

Tax Deadline Date Type of Income Tax Return Filing Deadline / Due Date Description
April 18, 2017 2016 Idaho State Tax Return Due date for Idaho State Income Tax Returns - income tax filing deadline
April 18, 2017 2016 Idaho State Tax Extension Due date for Idaho automatic extensions
October 16, 2017 2016 Idaho State Tax Return Last day to efile a 2016 Idaho State Income Tax Return for tax extension filers and late efilers

View all state tax return filing deadlines.

Find federal income tax return filing deadlines.

Idaho State Tax Forms That Can Be efiled supports all of the forms that Idaho allows to be efiled. You can efile any of the following Idaho state tax forms:

Form/Schedule Description Can I efile this form?
Form 39R/NR Supplemental Schedule (Page 2)  

Form 40/43 General Information
Form 40/43 [Form 24] Grocery Credit (Resident/Part-Year)
Form 40/43 Resident and PY/NR (Credits, Donations, & Payments)
Form 40PA Installment Payment Agreement Request
Form 43 Part-Year and Nonresident Worksheets
Form 51 Extension/Additional Estimated Payment of ID Individual Income Tax
Form ID K-1 1065, 1120S or 1041 K1 Received [Partner's, Shareholder's, or Beneficiary's Share of Idaho Adjustments, Credits, Etc.]

Idaho State Tax Forms That Cannot Be efiled

Idaho State Tax Withholding Form


Form Description
No state withholding form Idaho does not have a state tax withholding form. An employer should use the information from a federal W-4 to calculate an employee's state wage withholding.

ID Tax Extension

Extension Form Idaho Extension Instructions How to File

No Form

If you cannot file your return by the due date, Idaho allows you an automatic six-month extension of time to file. You do have to file a form to get an Idaho state tax extension. To qualify for the automatic extension, you must file your Idaho state tax return by October 16, 2017.

To avoid paying a penalty, the amount of tax withheld and other payments you have made must be at least 80% of your current year's tax liability or 100% of the total tax reported on your income tax return for the preceding tax year. File Form 51 with your payment. Even though an extension gives you additional time in which to file, the tax is due on the original due date of the return. You must pay interest on any tax not paid by the original due date of the return.

Automatic extension granted

Important Reminder! If you are efiling an Idaho tax extension, you may need to efile a federal tax extension as well.

ID Tax Amendment

Idaho state tax amendments cannot be efiled; they can only be filed by mail. Learn how to prepare and file an amended state Idaho tax return.

Important Reminder! If you are filing an Idaho tax amendment, you may need to file a federal tax amendment as well.

2015 Previous Year Idaho Tax Forms

Idaho tax forms for 2015 and other previous Tax Years cannot be prepared and filed online. Download, complete, and mail your 2015 ID state return to the Idaho State Tax Commission.

Form/Schedule Description How to File
Form 39R Idaho Supplemental Schedule

Download, fill out, print out, sign, and mail

Form 39NR Idaho Supplemental Schedule (Nonresident/Part-Year Resident)
Form 40 Idaho Individual Income Tax Return
Form 40PA Idaho Payment Agreement Request
Form 43 Idaho Part-Year Resident and Nonresident Income Tax Return
Form 44 Idaho Business Income Tax Credits and Credit Recapture
Form 51 Estimated Payment of Idaho Individual Income Tax
Form CG Idaho Capital Gains Deduction
Form ID K-1 Partner's, Shareholder's, or Beneficiary's Share of Idaho Adjustments, Credits, Etc.

Where's My Refund? - Check Your Idaho State Tax Refund Status

If you efiled your ID state tax return, your refund status is usually available within 3 to 5 business days after efiling the return. Expect your refund in about 4 weeks. If you are a first-time ID filer or your return is stopped for further review, it can take an extra 3 weeks to receive your refund.

If you filed your ID return on paper, your refund status is usually available in 5 weeks. Expect your refund within 10 weeks.

Check your Idaho state tax refund status online.

ID efile Error Codes

If your Idaho state return was rejected, you will receive an error reject code. If you prepared and efiled your return on, we will provide you with an explanation of how to correct the error on your return. You may then resubmit your state return at no additional charge until it is accepted by the state.

View a list of all Idaho State efile Income Tax Return Error Reject Codes.

Idaho Tax Facts

ID Income Tax:

Individual income is taxed across eight tax brackets at eight graduated tax rates.

  • 1.6% for the first $1,454 of taxable income
  • 3.6% for taxable incomes between $1,454 and $2,908
  • 4.1% for taxable incomes between $2,908 and $4,362
  • 5.1% for taxable incomes between $4,362 and $5,816
  • 6.1% for taxable incomes between $5,816 and $7,270
  • 7.1% for taxable incomes between $7,270 and $10,905
  • 7.4% for taxable incomes between $10,905 and above

The income brackets are doubled for married couples filing jointly.

Tax brackets are adjusted annually based on the consumer price index.

ID Sales Tax:

Idaho imposes a sales tax of 6% on the sale, rental, or lease of tangible personal property and some services. For example, food is taxed, but prescription drugs are not.

Additional taxes apply to the sales of lodging at hotels, motels, and campgrounds.

Some ID resort cities, counties, and auditorium districts have a local option sales tax in addition to the state sales tax.

Idaho also imposes a use tax of 6% on the consumption, use, or storage of goods in the state if sales tax wasn't paid on the purchase of the goods. This tax is paid directly to the state instead of the seller.

More information on Idaho sales tax

ID Personal Property Tax:

The Idaho State Tax Commission does not collect personal property tax. Personal property tax collections vary by county. If ID taxpayers participate in the Property Tax Deferral program, Property Tax Reduction program, or apply for a homeowner's exemption, they must be aware of the due dates for these programs.

Idaho has a homeowner's exemption for primary dwellings, such as owner-occupied homes and manufactured homes. This exemption includes the value of your home and up to 1 acre of land. To qualify for the exemption, you must own and occupy your home before April 15. You must also file an application with your county assessor's office by April 15. Once your apply and qualify for the exemption, you do not have to reapply unless you move. The ID Tax Commission is required by law to recompute the homeowner's exemption each year. This is based on the federal Housing Price Index for the state.

Participants in the Property Tax Deferral program must file an application with their county assessor's office by April 15 each year.

Participants in the Property Tax Reduction program (also known as "circuit breaker") must file an application their county assessor's office between January 1 and April 15 each year. This time frame applies even when they have not moved or changed ownership status.

ID taxpayers should contact their county assessor for specific information about valuation. Regarding payments, they should contact the county treasurer. Some counties accept property tax payments online.

Odd Tax Fact:

Hotel/motel room occupants in the Greater Boise Auditorium District must pay a 5% sales tax. However, long-term residents who stay in their rooms for more than 30 days in a row are exempt from the tax.

ID State Tax Agency:

For more information, you can visit the website of The Idaho State Tax Commission.

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