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Over 67 Million Tax Returns Were e-Filed in 2021!
Why eFile?
PrepareIT By Yourself, But Not Alone

PrepareIT Yourself,
But Not Alone!

Taxes can be difficult. Preparing them shouldn't be. We GetIT!
IT = Income Taxes and eFile.com makes IT easier for you to prepare and eFileIT. If you are not sure about IT, just AskIT and a Taxpert® will guide you through IT.

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... until April 15, 2021.

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  • Why eFile.com?
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Why eFile.com?

There are many reasons you should choose eFile.com to prepare your Tax Return. Here are three of them:

  1. 100% Tax Calculation Accuracy
  2. Fastest Tax Refund
  3. Max. Refund or Min. Taxes Owed

Find out why eFile.com has become so popular, and why taxpayers are choosing -- and trusting -- eFile.com:
It's Less Taxing with eFile.com

Top 10 Reasons Why eFile.com

Taxesfaction Guaranteed!

Don't Get TurboCharged!

Dare to Compare


Just like all apples are not created equally, not all online tax preparation services are created equally either.

Taxes can be confusing, overwhelming, and even intimidating - but selecting an online tax preparation service shouldn't be. Compare eFile.com vs. H&R Block® vs. TurboTax®.

So many choices, so little time. Once you have reviewed the comparisons, the choice is easy!

Dare to Compare

Don't Get TurboCharged!


Tess's Tax Talk

Just sit back, turn up the volume and listen to Tess talk about why you should Plan, Prepare, and eFile your Tax Return on eFile.com.

Use the links below to learn more about the topics mentioned above:

Plan for Tax Year 2021

Estimate your 2021 Tax Return

What is your Filing Status?

Can you claim a Dependent?

Tax Talk

Premium Support

Only on eFile.com will you have your own Personal Support Page. Ask or discuss any Tax Question and you will get an answer from a real human Taxpert® and not some artificial robotic voice. All of your Support History will be on your Personal Support Page and not scattered through many emails, where you have to go searching for the answer. 

Just as a comparison: Did you know that TurboTax® charges $50 and up for tax support answers provided by real people? Plus, you might be chatting with digital agents. 

On eFile.com - You get premium, human Taxpert® support - before, during and after tax preparation - for free.

Ask a Taxpert® Now

Premium Support

Tax Preparation Services

Free Basic

Income Below $100,000 Single/Married Jointly W-2 Income Only Free Amendment Free e-File Auto-Downgrade Details


W-2 and 1099 Income Itemized Deductions Dependents Free Amendment Free Re-eFile Auto-Downgrade Details


Income over $100,000Self-Employed/Investment All Forms/Schedules Free Amendment Free Re-eFile Auto-Downgrade Details

Which service is right for you?

What eFilers Are Saying

eFile Planning and Preparation

Get Taxesfaction!


"So easy! I love that the info from previous years is pre-filled so updating and making changes/additions is so simple."

Lisa in CT
Multi year eFiler

"I’ve been a longtime user of your service, probably close to 15 years, and have never had any issues so don’t change a thing!"

Andrew in NJ
15 year eFiler

"Thorough and easy to navigate! Thank you. Cheaper than TurboTax."

Sabrina in KY
First time eFiler

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