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How does less Tax Mumbo Jumbo sound to you? With your own personal support page connect with a Taxpert® who can provide assistance during the year, whether it be tax planning, help filling out a W-4, or filing out your next tax return, we make IT easy on eFile.com: IT = Income Taxes!

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Keep your tax withholding up-to-date throughout a tax year. Use the eFile.com Taxometer to give your paycheck tax withholding a workout. Set your own tax return goals so you don't withhold too much or too little; be tax balanced.
Between now and when you file your next tax return on eFile.com, use the free tax calculator so you know the estimated tax return results. See all our free tax calculators.
Start your return on eFile.com. Wait until end of January before you actually e-file so you can be certain you have received all your forms, such as your W-2 or 1099 income forms.
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Let eFile.com help you keep more of your hard-earned money when you file your next Tax Return online, due on the April IRS tax deadline. Enter the TaxPlan, TaxPlay and TaxWin Zone below and add your email address. Not only will you stay tax informed, but also receive special eFile.com promotional invitations. eFile.com offers free tax calculators and tax resources or guides, but you gain access to premium features when you sign up and e-file, such as access to previous tax returns you e-filed using the eFile Tax App. Get started and set up your account:

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Find out how to plan for your next return and refund; failure to plan might become a plan to fail!
Estimate your tax return and know what your next tax refund might be or whether you may owe taxes.
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