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Not sure how eFile.com will compare? We invite you to evaluate our promises and guarantees to you. The known tax preparation companies will not pay the attention to support detail as we do. On eFile.com you will have your own personal support page.

See how we compare to H&R Block® or  TurboTax®Dare and Compare online tax return platforms.

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100% Accuracy Tax Calculation Guarantee

The eFile.com tax app is tested by the IRS each year, thus we guarantee you 100% Tax Calculation accuracy and the Biggest Tax Refund allowed by law on any Tax Return prepared on eFile.com and accepted by the IRS. Period. Did you know that most Tax Return mistakes happen due to incorrect or missing Tax Data entry by the Taxpayer? Please follow these tax guide steps before you prepare and e-File your Taxes. We are in this together, let's work together as well.

Fastest, Biggest Refund Guaranteed

Preparing your Taxes on eFile.com is not only convenient and simple, but also faster and more accurate than filing via a self prepared paper return.

Check Your Personal Tax Refund Date

Use over 10 Free Tax Calculator, Tax Estimator Tools to optimize your Tax Return. You will find out if you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, or as a single parent as the Head of Household filing status.

TaxStimate your 2018 Taxes first before you prepare and efile your Return.

However, should another tax preparation method yield a larger refund or a smaller tax liability, please share this with us. Many times, it's due to a data entry difference that changes the tax refund or tax liability results in comparison.

  • Keep in mind, when you compare results: A larger tax refund or a smaller tax liability on one site compared to another site does not mean that the data entries are the same or the calculation, tax return is correct

Share with us the different results you might get so we can help you gain confidence in the right tax platform for you.

Premium Taxpert Support

eFile.com is here to help assist you before, during and after your Tax Return preparation and e-File Process. You can discuss personal tax questions with a Taxpert at any time. In the event that you receive an IRS audit notice, we are here too. Keep these eFile Tax Tips in mind.

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It's Income Taxes. eFile.com is the best tax preparation option for everyone, especially for taxpayers impacted by recent congressional tax law changes. Over 135 million U.S. taxpayers efiled in 2018.

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