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Not sure how eFile.com will compare to other online tax preparation options?

We invite you to read and evaluate our promises and guarantees to you below. The known tax preparation companies will not pay the attention to support detail as we do. On eFile.com, you will have your own personal support page. You will not receive your tax answers in scattered emails, but rather your own secure page where you will have the entire support history in one place.

What does eFile.com Promise Taxpayers?

Effortless The Right Tax Service: The eFile.com Federal Edition is always free. The tax app will not ask you to upgrade like H&R Block® or TurboTax® 1) will do. Only eFile.com will downgrade you, should you change the tax information during the tax interview to indicate that you no longer need certain schedules, forms, etc. You can be certain you'll always receive the best price option as we work for you. Find detailed listing and comparison of eFile tax services.

One Low State Price for Many States: You can prepare and e-File multiple state tax returns on eFile.com and pay only ONE low price for ALL states, not each. The one state price on H&R Block® or  TurboTax® is higher than the eFile.com price for ALL States. See for yourself how we compare to H&R Block® or  TurboTax®: Dare to Compare online tax return platforms.

Over 71 Million Self-Prepared Returns Were e-Filed in 20201) 
Why eFile? Find Out!

Below, find our guarantees to you, the taxpayer. eFile.com provides personal support on your current, past, and future tax returns. Filing taxes shouldn't be complicated; the eFile app helps you complete and file your return so you don't have to worry about the many tax forms and schedules. Prepare to tax prepare using our free tax tools and calculators before you complete and file your 2020 Tax Return with eFile.com.

The eFile.com Taxesfaction Guarantee
100% Accuracy Tax Calculation Guarantee

The eFile.com tax app is tested by the IRS each year, thus we guarantee you 100% tax calculation accuracy and the biggest tax refund allowed by law on any tax return prepared on eFile.com and accepted by the IRS. Period. Did you know that most tax return mistakes happen due to incorrect or missing tax data entry by the taxpayer? Please follow these tax guide steps before you prepare and e-File your taxes. We are in this together, let's work together as well.

Fastest, Biggest Refund Guaranteed

Preparing your taxes on eFile.com is not only convenient and simple, but also faster and more accurate than filing via a self-prepared paper return.

Check your Personal Tax Refund Date

Use over 10 Free Tax Calculator and estimator tools to optimize your tax return. You will find out if you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, or, as a single parent, as the Head of Household filing status.

TAXstimate your 2020 Taxes first before you prepare and e-file your return.

However, should another tax preparation method yield a larger refund or a smaller tax liability, please share this with us. Many times, it's due to a data entry difference that changes the tax refund or tax liability results in comparison.

  • Keep in mind when you compare results, a larger tax refund or a smaller tax liability on one site compared to another site does not mean that the data entries are the same or the calculation is correct.

Share with us the different results you might get so we can help you gain confidence in the right tax platform for you.

Premium Taxpert Support

eFile.com is here to help assist you before, during, and after your tax return preparation and eFile Process. You can discuss personal tax questions with a Taxpert at any time. In the event that you receive an IRS audit notice, we are here too. Keep these eFile Tax Tips in mind.

What is IT?

IT = Income Taxes. eFile.com is the best tax preparation option for everyone, especially for taxpayers impacted by recent congressional tax law changes. Over 151 million U.S. tax returns were eFiled in 2019.

Why eFile.com?

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What eFilers Are Saying

Policies, Fee Refunds, and More

For policies related to fees and refunds, read below. eFile.com offers varying levels of tax services, assuring there is an option for each individual tax situation. Find information regarding promo codes, the eFile tax app, and our guarantee to Meet 'n Beat lower tax preparation service prices.

Promo Codes: We will honor all valid eFile.com promo codes and promo codes from tax preparation competitors. Please provide a link or screenshot as evidence of a competitor's promo code prior to paying and checking out on eFile.com. If you submit a promo code after you have paid on eFile.com, we can no longer honor this promo code. Instead, we will provide you with a higher discount promo code for another tax return, either current or the next tax season. Valid for 90 days after your return was started.

Tax App Error: If you are facing one or more tax app errors which we can re-create and cannot correct for you, we will refund you for the tax preparation fee. You might be required to provide screenshots of the alleged error(s) as further evidence. If you claim one or more tax calculation errors, we maintain the right to review and/or re-create the alleged claim(s) before we approve a tax preparation fee refund. The section below, Result Comparison, explains comparisons of the same tax return between various tax preparation sites or tools. A tax return that results in a higher tax refund or lower taxes due does not mean that this tax return is processed correctly or that the same tax data was entered on all tax returns. Tax return results that are plus/minus $1.00 do not apply as they might be due to rounding.

Result Comparison: If you received a larger refund amount or paid a smaller tax due using another online tax preparation software, you must provide the PDF tax return from the other site so we can compare that with the tax data you entered on eFile.com. Tax return result comparisons are in most cases due to different tax data entered by a taxpayer. Only upon review of the PDF can we consider a tax preparation fee refund. Valid for 90 days after your return was started. Higher refunds or lower taxes due is not an indication of a tax return prepared correctly; it could be due to different tax data entered. Tax return results that are plus/minus $1.00 may be due to rounding and will not apply.

Unable To Electronically File (e-file) Return: We cannot provide a refund if you paid for a tax return on our site, but could not e-file the return for any reason (could not get a prior-year AGI from the IRS, the IRS [not eFile.com] rejected your return, etc.). If you can't or don't want to e-file your return or you are required to paper file it, you can print and mail your tax return from your eFile.com account.

Deleted Account: If you prepare one or more tax return(s) and pay for these tax return(s) by voluntarily clicking the payment processing button and subsequently delete this account and tax returns, we can not issue tax preparation fee refunds since all associated data has been deleted. The fee you paid is for the tax preparation of tax returns and e-Filing is included. These completed returns were stored for you to view and download from your My Account section prior to account deletion. These PDF files of completed returns are deleted with the deletion of your eFile.com account. Steps and details on what is deleted and what not deleted when you delete your eFile.com account.

Price Meet 'n Beat: Only eFile.com offers a Price Meet n' Beat guarantee. If you find a lower tax preparation price online for the exact same tax service, we will not only Meet this Price, but also Beat it! Please provide links or screenshots of the lower price here prior to paying tax preparation fees on eFile.com as proof of the lower price so we can "Meet 'n Beat" that price. Dare to Compare!

Fee Refund Methods: Tax preparation fees paid by credit card cannot be partially refunded and might be combined with promo codes for future tax returns. Approved credit card fee refund amounts will be based on the cause of the requested refund and the total charges made by the taxpayer (e.g. if a promo code was applied or not). Fees paid via e-Collect or deduct fee from refund can be partially refunded via direct bank deposit. We will ask you to verify your bank information. Based on the tax preparation fee refund request (e.g. if you do not own a bank account or request a check in the mail, etc.), we reserve the right to substitute tax preparation fee refunds with free tax return or other promo codes for future tax returns.

Other: For more information, please review the eFile.com User Agreement you have agreed to during account setup.

Prepare and e-file your 2020 Tax Return by April 15, 2021.

1) As of October 2020 according to the IRS e-File Tax Report