2019, 2020 Tax Return Checklist

Tax Return Checklist

Step 1: Before you start e-Filing, download or print this page as you collect Forms, Receipts, Documents, etc. necessary to prepare and e-file your taxes. If you miss an important Form (Income, Deduction etc.) on your Tax Return, you will have to prepare a Tax Amendment. Generally, don't e-file before February 1, since most Forms arrive by January 31.

Step 2: View these important pre-eFile considerations e.g. Taxstimate your Taxes, simple Tax Tools, etc.

List of Tax Preparation Forms, Documents

Taxable Income Forms, Documents

Tax Credits

Tax Deductions, Expenses

Tax Estimate Payments

  • ___ Estimated Tax Payments Made with ES Vouchers
  • ___ Last Year's Tax Return Overpayment Applied to This Year
  • ___ Off Highway Fuel Taxes Paid

General Information

You will be better prepared to support your online tax return in case of a future federal or state tax audit

Please visit our Tax Return Planning Page. We also recommend reviewing our list of stupid and smart things taxpayers do when completing tax returns.