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We at understand how tax preparation can create stress and anxiety for taxpayers. The tax code is complex and difficult to understand; the eFile Less Taxing Song might help to DeTaxStress. We also realize that doing your taxes is a task that, in order to stay out of trouble, is required by the federal and state governments. Yet, if you expect a tax refund, you actually get money - your own money - as a result of a task you might not want to do. We strongly suggest you manage your taxes throughout the year via your W-4 or tax withholding to keep your tax return balanced.

Did you know that the IRS has over 1 billion US Dollars in unclaimed tax refunds? Most likely, these taxpayers didn't want to go through the tax preparation process - as a result, they don't claim this and leave the federal government with 1 billion dollars' worth of their own money. 

How to File Taxes Online

We are in this together if you prepare and e-file your taxes via eFile is a self-preparation platform for DIY taxes that walks you through the process with online support before, during, and after e-filing your return(s). Our role is to coach and assist you through the preparation and e-file process on an as needed basis. We respect your privacy and will keep your information safe; you do not need to verify your face to e-file your taxes, nor do you need to submit a "live selfie" to create a free eFile account. For security purposes, you can also create an IRS IP PIN - see more details on identity protection.

IT = Income Taxes and we make IT easier for you.
PrepareIT, but not alone; DoIT and be done with IT.

With tax software like the eFile platform, you may be able to file taxes for free depending on your information. On, you can electronically file your taxes via Form 1040, Form 1040-SR, or Form 1040-NR as well as a tax extension Form 4868 - see how to file a free tax extension.

Here is a high-level step-by-step overview on how works when you prepare and e-file your federal and state income taxes. Start a free tax return on and use this free tax refund calculator to estimate your taxes before you actually eFileIT . We hope to welcome you to using our platform!

To Do
Don't rush IT! You can easily miss an income or deduction entry which could result in either higher or lower taxes, potential tax penalties, and more additional paperwork from the IRS or state tax agency. If you enter inaccurate information, you may need to file a tax amendment. Here is list of tax documents that you might need to file your return; make sure you have your previous year adjusted gross income - AGI - on hand if you did not file via; if you did, it's all in your account. The IRS requires this to file electronically.
Get a feel for your taxes by using these free and easy to use tax calculators. You don't have to calculate on your own; it's all done by the tools. Enter basic amounts without any personal information and get instant results. These are free tax calculators courtesy of which use current IRS data to give personalized results without requiring extensive tax knowledge. We have an income tax calculator, a Child Tax Credit calculator, and more.
Create a free Account or sign in to your existing account; be sure to save or write down your eFile login credentials. When you use each year, your previous tax year data will be in the account for your return. Otherwise, start entering your basic account data and begin the simple tax interview. Answer easy to understand tax questions as you enter amounts and data. See also: where and how to enter information on
So far so good! You got your account and you made it through the verification code process - maybe you had to fish emails out of your spam folder. Security and convenience don't like each other, but better safe than sorry; it's your tax data after all. Enjoy the song!
Now it's our turn to step up to the plate; you might need tax help. Trust us, we don't send you around from one page to the next. You will have your own Personal Support Page which you can access from inside the eFile app or from the site. You will have one personally assigned Taxpert® where you don't have to explain your tax situation over and over again as the eFile Taxpert® will be familiar with your details.
Together, we will reach the end in the tax preparation app. View a free preview of your tax return before you enter your bank information where you wish to receive your tax refund or pay taxes from; otherwise, your refund will be mailed to the address on your return or you can pay taxes via check or online. Click the Pay Taxes link for options on how to pay for your taxes. Select direct deposit for the fastest refund option; if you owe taxes, you can pay these with your return or pay the IRS directly online. See details on tax refunds after you e-file and how to pay taxes to the IRS and state online.
You will need your previous year AGI as part of the checkout process as a way to verify your identity and an IRS issued Identity Protection-PIN if you received one. If your tax return is free on eFile, you simply check out; if your return is more complicated, you can pay the tax preparation fee either by credit card or e-Collect (Deduct Fee from Refund). Review your completed return for a last check and you are ready to click eFile My Return. Now, your return will be in Pending Status with the IRS and/or state agency. During this process, you will receive email updates on the status of your return to the email entered on
Each time your sign out from the app, you will land on the thank you page with instructions on what to do next in the tax return life cycle process. Even though filing a tax return is an important milestone, the new tax year is already in progress and your tax planning and savings should start soon.
Check the IRS refund status tool to monitor your tax refund. Due to extensive IRS delays during COVID your latest Tax Return may be stuck in processing. See more details on IRS delays and this Taxpayer Advocate release which provides extensive, specific information causing refund delays. In most cases, the IRS issues refunds within 21 days; state refunds generally take similar processing time.
Consider estimating next year's taxes using our free Tax Calculator. Keep track of this tax timeline for important dates and tax deadlines; this page will be updates with any changes to the federal and state filing deadlines.
Tax Return Roadmap
If you ever wondered which steps an IRS tax return might go through, view this Tax Return Roadmap. Of course, not all tax returns go through all these steps.

If you miss the first tax return deadline, usually around April 15 of the subsequent year for the prior tax year, then you have until mid-October to e-file your return. For example, Tax Returns are generally due on April 15 in the subsequent calendar year. If you miss this deadline, you have until around October 15 to e-file this return. After that, e-filing is closed for that tax year and you will have to prepare and mail a in your Return via paper forms. Find the forms for previous or back taxes here.

Tax Help

e-Filing your taxes on your own is as easy as following the ten simple steps above each year. When you file online, you do not have to worry about late tax penalties and you never have to handle any complicated IRS or state forms; the tax software does it all for you! Compare to H&R Block® and TurboTax® and see how much free online tax filing actually costs with other popular tax preparation platforms.

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1) According to the IRS e-File Tax Report; see the linked page for electronic filing tax statistics that are updated based on IRS data courtesy of