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Due to IRS and state policy, most state tax returns can only be e-filed together with the IRS federal tax return with the exception of California. This is not an policy, but an IRS/state regulation which is based on data sharing between the IRS and the state(s). Having said that, you can prepare only state return(s) on, but not eFileIT by itself without also e-filing the IRS return as well.

Thus, here on, you can prepare and e-file your current year IRS federal and state taxes together. The IRS tax return e-filing deadline is October and most state returns are due at the same time. Some states do have their own deadline - find specific state tax return deadlines. We recommend e-filing both your federal and state returns together on so you do not have to mail your state return separately.

See details on how to ONLY prepare one or many state returns for $29.95! Only on can you prepare and e-file ALL - 41 states plus the District of Columbia - state income tax returns for as low as only $29.95. Yes, that is not a per-state price, but one low price for as many states as you have to e-file on In comparison, H&R Block® and TurboTax® charge almost $50*) for just ONE state. Do IT once on enter all your tax forms in one place and add your state returns; eFile will generate all of your returns compiled into one document for your convenience.
H&R Block®
Average Federal Fee1)
State(s) Fee
$29.95 For ALL States
Not per State
PER Paid State
PER Paid State
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1) The Average Federal Tax Preparation Fee as of Jan. 5, 2024.

2. TurboTax® is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc. H&R Block® is a registered trademark of HRB Innovations, Inc.

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Income Taxes by State

Not all state income tax returns and tax rates are created equally. For example, there are nine states which don't impose a state income tax: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming. New Hampshire, however, does tax investment income from taxable dividends and interest over a certain amount. Why worry about how to properly file your state return? If you prepare and eFile your state tax return(s) on, you can be assured that your taxes will be done right.

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Click on the interactive state map below for specific state deadlines, tax forms, and online tax services (state tax payment, documents, etc.).

Each of our state tax pages has extensive income tax related information and previous year tax forms for you to complete directly here on Be sure to file online each year so you do not have to worry about filling in complicated forms.

Tax Topic
Most state tax deadlines are on the same day as the IRS tax deadline. Some state tax deadlines are in May. Generally, October 15 is the last day you can e-file federal and IRS tax returns.
If you have already e-filed your state return, check your personal state tax refund status now.
See the linked instructions on how to ONLY prepare one or more state tax returns on when you have already filed an IRS tax return.
Get to know your state taxes with these free income tax calculators for every state with an income tax code. See the link to estimate your state taxes.
Find a detailed overview of state tax rates, income brackets, standard deductions, and exemptions by state. This information is used in our state tax calculators linked above.
Select one or more states and find instructions on how to prepare and file extensions. Keep in mind, if you owe taxes and pay them online or with a mail voucher, that counts as an extension in most cases.
Pay your state taxes by April 15 and it would serve as a state extension. If you do not owe state taxes by April 15, most states grant an automatic extension filing deadline. You might have a limited time to claim your state tax refund; check with your state.
For some states, the original income tax form is also the tax amendment form; sometimes you have to check off that you are filing a tax amendment. Find out about specific states via the link here.
Learn how to withhold state income taxes per paycheck. If you need to submit a new federal W-4, complete the form online using our simple tools: calculate your IRS W-4 Form.
Because most states follow the IRS deadlines, find out the due dates for IRS related tax returns, extensions, amendments, and back taxes that generally apply to state returns.
Get your personal IRS tax refund status after you have e-filed your federal individual income tax return to the IRS. Track your state refund using the link at the beginning of the table.
An overview how to record state or local tax refunds on your next federal or state tax return.

Current and Previous Year Forms and Tax Help

*) Subject to change.