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You don't have to worry about whether you might be eligible for the Earned Income Credit or EIC when you prepare and eFile your 2019 Taxes on You can either use the Tax App or use one of the EITCucator tools below. The eFile tax app will let you know - before you eFile - if you qualify so you get to keep more of your hard earned money.  

For tax planning, estimating purpose only use one of the EICucator tax planning tools below, before you eFile your taxes:

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For your information the Earned Income Tax Credit or EITC is a refundable tax credit aimed at helping taxpayers with low to moderate earned income. If you have a certain level of taxable income and have a qualiefied child - or if you don't have children and were born before 1995 or after 1954 (between the ages 25 and 65), let the EITC work for you when you prepare and eFile your taxes here on! The Earned Income Tax Credit would reduce the taxes you owe and will even receive a check from the IRS if you do not owe taxes on your return. The credit lifts over 6 million people (including over 3 million children) out of poverty each year.

Attention: Only about 80% of taxpayers who are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit claim it. Don't miss out on the money you deserve!

What Might Your EIC Credit Be?

Use the EICucator Dollar Amount tool below to help you determine how much your Earned Income Tax Credit may be with your 2019 Return due in 2020. Enter your Filing Status, Number of Qualifying Children, and your AGI. Attention: If your filing status is Married Filing Separately, you will not qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. Find up-to-date EIC Adjusted Gross Income Limits and other parameters that are required to receive the EIC.

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How Much is Your Earned Income Tax Credit?

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Unfortunately, the Married Filing Separate filing status does not qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit.  Please use the STATucator Tax Tool to review your filing status.

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How to Claim the Earned Income Credit on Your Tax Return

Claiming the EITC is easy if you prepare your tax return on! The online tax app will automatically determine if you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. If you qualify, will calculate the correct amount of your credit and fill out the right forms for you to claim it.

Once you have determined your EITC eligibility we suggest you use the Tax Calculator, or TAXstimator, to calculate and estimate your tax refund (or taxes owed) for the current tax year. How to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit for back taxes or previous tax years: 2018 EICucator2017 EITC or Earned Income Tax Credit, 2016 EITC or Earned Income Tax Credit, and 2015 EITC or Earned Income Tax Credit.



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