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Tax Amendments by States

State Tax

Tax Amendments dates, forms by state are listed below. Tax amendments are generally due as soon as you discovered an error on your eFiled or filed state tax return.  If you filed your income tax return on time and you do not owe taxes as a result of the tax amendment, generally you should not be subject to a late payment penalty. 

In some cases your state - click on your state for contact information - and or IRS - 1-800-829-1040 - might be able to correct the error on your tax return over the phone. 

  • Mathematical Error on original return
  • Addition Income to Report
  • Filing Status Adjustment
  • Dependent Status Adjustment
  • Tax Credit Adjustment
  • Tax Deduction Adjustment
  • Protective claim for refund
  • Reservation source income adjustments
  • Pass-through entity adjustments
  • Federal, State audit and/or adjustments

Click on the interactive state map below for specific state related tax amendment guidelines and tax forms on how to prepare previous year tax returns. A comprehensive overlook of State Income Taxes in general.

Each of the eFile.com state tax amendment pages has amendment related forms and instructions. Federal or Irs related income tax return amendment instructions.

Interactive State Map


State Tax Amendment Information

Alaska - No Income Taxes
Florida - No Income Taxes.
Nevada - No Income Taxes
New Hampshire - No Taxes on earned Income
South Dakota - No Income Taxes
Texas - No Income Taxes
Texas - No Income Taxes
Washington - No Income Taxes
Wyoming - No Income Taxes