Tax Amendments by States

Tax Amendment dates and forms by state are listed below. Tax amendments are generally due as soon as you discover an error on your accepted tax return. If you prepared and e-filed your federal and state returns on and need to amend one or both of them, the federal can be amended from your eFile account. You may be able to print your state return as well and mail it as some state amendments only require you to check an amendment box rather than fill in an additional form. Contact us with questions on this. If you filed your income tax return on time and you do not owe taxes as a result of the tax amendment, generally you should not be subject to a late payment penalty

State Tax

Amend My State Return

In some cases, your state and/or the IRS may be able to correct the error on your tax return over the phone. See how to contact your state by selecting it in the map below or see how to contact the IRS here.

Some errors that may require a tax amendment are:

Click on the interactive state map below for specific state related tax amendment guidelines and tax forms on how to prepare previous year tax returns. Also see a comprehensive overlook of state income taxes.

Each of the state tax amendment pages has amendment related forms and instructions. See federal or IRS related income tax return amendment instructions.

Interactive State Map

State Tax Amendment Information

In the chart below, see states with links directly to their amendment page on Many states have straightforward amendment procedures where a taxpayer can re-prepare their return, then simply check a box at the top of the form to indicate that it is an amended return. Other states require an amendment form to be filled in, similar to the federal tax amendment form. Select your respective state to find out how to file your state amendment.

Prepare State Amendment on
No Income Taxes
No Income Taxes
No Income Taxes
New Hampshire
No Taxes on earned Income
South Dakota
No Income Taxes
No Income Taxes
No Income Taxes
No Income Taxes
No Income Taxes
U.S. Territories, Puerto Rico, Guam, Samoa Marina Islands

File your taxes online with for personalized tax support. Ask free questions and get help with your taxes and any tax amendments. Your state tax amendment may be as simple as re-printing your return in your eFile account after making the corrections, checking a box, and mailing it in.