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When you use each year, it's simple to download a copy of your current and previous year's returns. If you are new to, sign up here to create a free account and start preparing your tax return. Click here if you are an Android mobile phone user on how to download a return.

As you prepare, you enter tax data and answer questions. The eFile Tax App will compile the data and create a tax return PDF for your review. This PDF will have a watermark until you have checked out and e-Filed your tax return. You can view a copy of your return at any point based on what is entered. Click on Federal Taxes on the left side before selecting the Review tab. You will see a green link there that reads Free Return Preview.

Your Tax Return Copy PDF File

1: Sign in to
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2: Tax Return Copy
-Tax Preparation
-Accepted Return
First, navigate to My Account and select the PDF icon next to the tax year. The PDF will be created based on your current entries. Every time you make a change to your return, click on it again to see these changes.
When opening the document, wait for the green button to load; once the button shows, click on the button, and based on your browser settings, your PDF will load in a tab or prompt you to download the file to your device.
Need a Tax Return Copy? Click on the PDF icon for a copy of the e-filed and IRS-accepted return(s).

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3: Tax Return Copy
-Changed Return
-Tax Amendment
Use this link ONLY after your return was filed online and accepted OR if you prepared an IRS Tax Amendment on
If you need a copy of your e-filed and IRS-accepted return, see Step 1 above.

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Below a screenshot of an IRS tax amendment prepared and e-filed via
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4.1: Download Problems
-Mobile Device
-Android, iOS
If you have problems opening the PDF after completing Steps 1 and 2, be sure your browser does not have an active pop-up blocker, ad blocker, or anything that may prevent the document from displaying properly.
4.2: Mobile Users
View this document on how to open the document on certain devices that may show up blank. We recommend keeping a copy for your own records once you have e-filed that way, you have the same copy that was sent to the IRS.
5: Previous Tax Years
-Tax Return Copies users: If you prepared and e-filed previous tax year returns, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for a copy of returns older than three years old.
Other users: If you did not use in previous years, follow these instructions for a tax return copy.
6. Need Help with Tax Return Copies?
Let us know if you have questions about your Tax Returns: Contact