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When Do I Need to File an Amendment in South Carolina?

To claim a refund, you must file the amendment form no later than 3 years after the filing date of the original income tax return, or 3 years after from the original filing deadline, or 2 years after paying the tax. These conditions apply only if you filed by the deadline or the extended deadline.

How Do I Correct My Accepted South Carolina Tax Return or File a South Carolina Tax Amendment?

In the state of South Carolina, if you have to make changes to your tax return that you already filed, then you must fill out a tax amendment form. If you overpaid the tax and want to get money back you must file an amendment and get a refund; you can't transfer the owed refund that you didn't get to the next year as a credit.

Follow these instructions on how to amend your South Carolina tax return: 

  1. Download and complete Form SC1040X.
  2. Print out the form and mail it to: SC Department of Revenue, Amended Individual Income Tax, P.O. Box 101104, Columbia, SC 29211-0104.

South Carolina State Tax Amendment Forms (Download, Complete, Print Out, and Mail)

Fill out form SC1040X. You must always use the most recent version of the form regardless of the year that you are amending.

Form (Tax Year) Description
SC1040X Amended Individual Income Tax Return

How Can I Check the Status of My South Carolina Tax Amendment?

Call the South Carolina Department of Revenue at 803-898-5000.

What Are the Penalties, Interest, and Fees Related to Tax Amendments in South Carolina?

The state of South Carolina imposes a number of penalties for certain violations, including failure to file penalty and failure to pay penalty. The failure to file penalty is 5% of the total tax owed per month, but can't exceed 25% in total. The failure to pay penalty is 0.5% of the total tax owed per month, and also can't exceed 25% in total.

Penalties can be waived but the taxpayer must send a request in writing explaining the need for a waiver. South Carolina's Department of Revenue will then evaluate the request and decide whether to grant it or not.

Interest is also computed on taxes that are owed. It's accrued on unpaid tax from the deadline to the date when the entire tax is paid.

Where Do I Mail My Amended South Carolina Tax Return? - South Carolina Mailing Address:

SC Department of Revenue
Amended Individual Income Tax
P.O. Box 101104
Columbia, SC 29211-0104

South Carolina Department of Revenue Phone Number: 803-898-5000

South Carolina Department of Revenue

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