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When Should I File My Iowa State Tax Amendment?

If you expect a refund, the Iowa amended tax return must be filed within 3 years of the original tax return filing due date.

How Do I Correct My Accepted Iowa Return or File an Iowa Amendment?

You must file an Iowa tax amendment form. If there have been changes to your federal tax return, you must also amend your Iowa state return. Here's how:

  1. Download and self-prepare Form IA-1040X.
  2. Print out the amendment form and mail it to this address: Iowa Income Tax - Document Processing, P.O. Box 9187, Des Moines, IA 50306-9187.

Iowa State Tax Amendment Forms (Download, Complete, Print Out, and Mail)

Before filing your amendment form, make sure that your original return has been processed by the Iowa Department of Revenue and your refund from the original return has arrived, if applicable. Then, complete the most recently updated IA 1040X.

Form Description
Form IA 1040X Amended Iowa Individual Income Tax Return

How Do I Check My Iowa Amended Tax Return Status?

Call the Iowa Department of Revenue at 515-281-3114.

What Are the Penalties, Interest, and Fees Related to Iowa Tax Amendment?

The state of Iowa charges a penalty if less than 90% of the tax is paid by the due date. There is a late filing penalty if the tax return is not filed by the due date and 90% or more of the tax is not paid. The penalty amounts to 10% of the tax due. There is a late payment penalty if the tax return is filed on time but 90% or more of the tax was not paid. The penalty amounts to 5%. The taxpayer can't be charged both the late filing and the late payment penalty.

The state of Iowa also computes interest on unpaid taxes. It is accrued from the date it's due to the date when all tax, penalty and interest are paid in full.

Interest Rates on Unpaid Taxes

Year Annual Interest Rate Monthly Interest Rate
2018 5% 0.4%
2017 5% 0.4%
2016 5% 0.4%
2015 5% 0.4%
2014 5% 0.4%
2013 5% 0.4%
2012 5% 0.4%

Where Do I Mail My Amended Iowa Tax Return? - Iowa Mailing Address:

Iowa Income Tax - Document Processing
P.O. Box 9187
Des Moines, IA 50306-9187

Iowa Department of Revenue Phone Number: 515-281-3114

Iowa Department of Revenue

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