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Direct File is a limited pilot project provided by the IRS. Based on certain requirements, taxpayers can electronically file 2023 tax returns directly with the IRS if they live in certain states - see below.

If you prepare and e-file your taxes directly via, the Direct File qualifications or requirements below do not apply. Additionally, only limited states are participating in the IRS Direct File program. e-File your IRS and state taxes together on instead so you do not need to mail in your state return.

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Direct File Qualification Requirements

Unlike, Direct File is limited to the following income, tax credit, and tax deduction types:

Direct File Income Type Limits:

Direct File Deduction Type Limits:

Direct File Tax Credit Type Limits:

Do IT Less Taxing

On, the above limitations do not apply to your return. You can claim all the available tax credits and deductions for individuals plus choose to itemize deductions if it benefits you more. You can also add income from self-employment as well as all other 1099 sources as an individual.

Direct File State Requirements, Limits

Only eligible taxpayers who resided in any of these 12 states will have access to the Direct File pilot program:

The Direct File pilot does not prepare state returns together with the IRS tax return. Residents in Arizona, California, Massachusetts, and New York will be guided to state-supported tax tools on how to prepare respective state tax returns. Residents of Washington state can apply for the Working Families Tax Credit.

File your IRS and state returns on so you do not have to go to separate sites and spend time re-entering all your information. Add all your details once, eFileIT, and be done with IT. It = Income Taxes.

Important: You can only e-file your state return with your IRS return - in other words, you cannot file e-file your IRS return on one website and then e-file your state return on another site. Thus, prepare your returns together on

Start, Prepare Tax Returns Free via

Every taxpayer on starts a tax return for free.

Subsequently, many taxpayers qualify for free tax returns on Only taxpayers who have more complicated returns and thus require more tax forms are required to pay a tax preparation fee; e-filing is included and is free.

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