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Relationship on the Rocks? 

There are two main reasons why over 50% of relationships or marriages go sour: 

  1. Sex (especially infidelity) 
  2. Money (especially financial disagreements between partners)

If your relationship is at risk of extinction, we can help with the money part to save your love! Unfortunately, we can't help you with the other part.

Fact: Money Can Negatively Affect Relationships

Does money outweigh love? According to various statistics, it could: 

  • The #1 argument among couples is money, according to a University of Denver poll.
  • A survey by ForbesWomen and YourTango indicated that 75% of women would turn down proposals from their unemployed boyfriends.
  • Eighty-eight percent of women find money important in a relationship, stated by a MSNBC survey and eZine.

These factors usually cause an unbalanced relationship in money and other aspects, resulting in a breakup: 

  • One partner saves more money than the other partner.
  • A spouse spends more money than the other spouse.
  • One significant other often (or always) uses another partner's money.

Want to put your finances back on track? Read on to find out how you can balance your money and save your love!

efile Tax Tips to Help Save Your Love!

Follow these efile Tax Tips for managing your finances-your relationship will be less taxing and have more value!

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