Form 1099 Pages

1099 Forms for Your Tax Return

Below, see an overview of 1099 forms you can enter on your tax return via the eFile Tax App. Select the form number for detailed instructions on how to enter the data into your account. Selecting the form name will bring up a downloadable copy of the form which you can also fill in online if needed.

  • Attention: when you enter 1099 data during your tax return preparation, spell out the full name of the financial institution. Some institutions may abbreviate it, for example ESL, but the IRS and states require more than three characters.

Instructions for Various 1099 Forms

May be sent to you if you had property debt foreclosed on - the broker should issue you this form.
Sent by a creditor if you had debt canceled since canceled debt is considered taxable income.
Sent from a corporation to its shareholder(s) when a gain occurred due to sale of cash or property in exchange for company's stock.
Issued by a broker to a taxpayer who received taxable dividends for their investment(s).
Sent by the IRS or state government, used for local refunds, state unemployment, and other government payments.
You would get this form if you received qualified health insurance payments for certain benefits in advance. This tax credit expired; the only healthcare tax credit available is the Premium Tax Credit.
Certain accounts pay you interest for investing your money; interest is taxable and reported on this form.
If you used a third-party money app to send or receive payment, you may get this form. Common for business owners and the self-employed.
This form is sent if you have a qualifying long-term care insurance contract and it summarizes your payments.
Used to summarize other payments that are not common or don't have a category, often used by the self-employed.
Summarizes payments made from a company to an independent contractor or nonemployee. Steps on how to enter Form 1099-NEC with your tax return or self-employment instructions.
Sent by a brokerage to an individual with a special type of interest that came from certain bonds, notes, or certificates of deposit or CDs, usually sent when investment is sold at a discount.
Used by a cooperative to summarize patronage dividends and other distributions sent to individuals.
Summarized distributions from a Coverdell education savings plan (ESA) or from a 529 plan. If your distributions were spent on qualifying expenses, you do not need to report this form.
You should receive this form is you sold real estate, such as your residence or a second home.
This form summarizes any distributions from your medical account; if you used this money on qualifying expenses, you do not need to report this form.
Sent to you if you receive retirement benefits from the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board - include this when you prepare your return if you have other income.
You will get this form if you receive monthly Social Security Benefits - include this when you prepare your return if you have other income.