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A Douglas County Superior Court has ruled in March 2022, the Capital Gains Tax does not meet state constitutional requirements. Washington has appealed the ruling to the Washington Supreme Court which is currently pending. The page will be updated once the WA Supreme Court makes a decision.

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"The Evergreen State"

Since Washington does not collect an income tax on individuals, you are not required to file a WA State Income Tax Return. However, you may need to prepare and e-file a Federal Income Tax Return.  

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Washington Tax Facts, Information

Washington Tax Information and Contacts

Tax Type
Washington Income Tax Code
Washington has no personal income tax code.
Washington has a 7.0% long term capital gains tax which applies on the sale of stocks, bonds, business interest, and other investments. However, the capital gains tax does not to apply to other assets such as real estate, retirement accounts, certain livestock, commercial fishing privileges, and more.  Starting in Tax Year 2022, you may need to file a capital gains tax return if you sold long term assets shown above, and the gains exceed the $250,000 threshold.
Washington has a starting 6.5% state sales tax rate, which also applies to some services. Though purchases of certain foods and food ingredients are exempt from the sales tax, soft drinks, prepared foods, and dietary supplements, and food products sold with eating utensils are taxable. Washington state considers plates, napkins, and forks eating utensils, but not packaging or containers used to transport food items.
Washington Tax Fact
Washington state has a "syrup tax." The $1-per-gallon tax is imposed on the retail or wholesale of syrup used to make carbonated beverages. It's collected by wholesalers when the syrup is sold. If retailers didn't pay the tax on their wholesale purchase, they directly pay the tax to the Washington Department of Revenue. Successive sales of previously-taxed syrup are exempt from the tax. Funds collected from the "syrup tax" are used by the WA violence reduction/drug enforcement account.
Washington Marriage Penalty
Washington State Tax Agency Contacts
For mailing addresses and other contact information, contact the WA Department of Revenue.


Washington Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits are not subject to income taxes since Washington does not collect individual income tax.

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