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IRS Income Tax Forms, Schedules, and Publications for Tax Year 2020: January 1 - December 31, 2020. 2020 Tax Returns were able to be e-Filed up until October 15, 2021. Since that date, 2020 Returns can only be mailed in on paper forms. Use the 2020 Tax Calculator to estimate your 2020 Return. The majority of 2020 Tax Forms are listed below or you can search for tax forms. Use these free online, fillable forms to complete your 2020 Return before you sign, print, and mail your return to the 2020 IRS address. See our state tax page for state forms and addresses.

Prepare and eFile your IRS and state current year tax return(s) by April 15 following a given tax year. If you miss this deadline and did not e-file a tax extension, you have until October 15 following the April 15 date. If you owe taxes, you would not owe late filing penalties, but you could be subject to late payment penalties. Tax Tip: eFile something - return or extension - even if you can't pay anything! Why? Less penalties!

e-File your return online each year with a free account so you do not have to worry about handling any complicated tax forms. IT is Income Taxes: Do IT for less on and eFileIT now.

2020 Tax Forms

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2020 Tax Return Forms and Schedules for January 1 - December 31, 2020 can be only be paper filed now - FileIT.

You had until October 15, 2021 to e-File 2020 Tax Returns. If you owed taxes, late filing penalties may apply to your tax liability.

Important: the IRS announced in late August of 2022 that late filing penalties for 2019 and 2022 Returns are being abated or refunded if a taxpayer already claimed them. The IRS extended the penalty deadline so that they only begin accruing for returns filed after September 30, 2022 instead of the regular due date. Any returns filed before this date will not face any penalties; returns filed after this due date will see a penalty beginning at usually 5% of the taxes due, up to 25%. See more details on tax penalties.

If you do not e-File the 2020 Forms via, you can load, complete, and sign the forms online via Docuclix. Then download, print, and mail the paper forms to the 2020 IRS address. See detailed information on State Income Tax Returns, Forms, etc.

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See current year tax declaration, statement forms you may receive after a tax year. These are forms you might have to submit to employers, independent contractors, etc., or you may receive for your work. When preparing a return, you will use these to report figures on your forms to calculate your taxes owed or refund. When you prepare your current year return on, you simply enter figures from these forms and the eFile Tax App handles all the calculations and forms for you.