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Tax Forms, Schedules for 2008

Tax Year

Important: You can no longer e-File a 2008 IRS or State Income Tax Return. Instructions on how to complete, sign and mail in the Forms are below. 

Prepare and eFile your 2020 Taxes by the April 15, 2021 deadline. If you e-File a tax extension by April 15, 2021 or missed the April 15, 2021 deadline you have until Oct. 15, 2021 to e-File your 2020 Tax Return. Late filing and late payment penalties might apply if you owe taxes.

  • Complete, sign online the IRS Tax Return forms for 2008 here on eFile.com. Then download, print and mail them to the IRS; the address is on the form 1040. Select your state(s) and download, complete, print and sign your 2008 State Tax Return income forms. You can no longer claim a 2008 Tax Year Refund. 
  • To amend or change a 2008 accepted Federal Income Tax Return: Complete IRS Tax Amendment Form 1040X and mail it in any time.
    • Pick one or more States and complete, sign them online. Then download and the associated State Tax Amendment Form(s) and mail them to the state tax agency on listed on the state page.
  • If you owe 2008 Taxes to the IRS estimate potential late filing and/or late payment penaltiesTip: File as soon as possible - and pay as much or little as you can afford - so you reduce or eliminate your late filing penalties, as late filing penalties are higher than late payment penalties.
  • Find ways to pay your Taxes even if you don't have the funds now.
  • IRS Tax Return Mailing Addresses based on the State you reside. The state mailing address is on the state income tax form.
  • Tax Forms for other Tax Years.
  • Tax Planning Tips for future Tax Years that help you balance your Taxes.

Income Tax Forms for Tax Year 2008

Collection Information Statement
Reduction of Tax Attributes Due to Discharge of Indebtedness
Standard Individual Income Tax Return
Individual Income Tax Return
Itemized Deductions/Interest and Ordinary Dividends
Profit or Loss from Business (Sole Proprietorship)
Capital Gains and Losses 
Earned Income Credit
Tax Amendment - Amend Your Individual Income Tax Return
Cancellation of Debt
Request for Copy of Tax Return
Request for Transcript of Tax Return
Short Form Request for Individual Tax Return Transcript
Noncash Charitable Contributions
Injured Spouse Allocation
Change of Address
Installment Agreement Request
Wage and Tax Statement
From Jan. 1 - Jan. 31, 2020, use only the 2020 W-4 Form (the 2008 W-4 is no longer relevant). Submit the 2020 Form to only your employer, not the IRS.
Certificate of Accuracy for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number 

Tax Forms and Schedules for other back taxes or previous tax years.