Tax Calculators for Tax Year 2021 Returns

Tax Tools for
Tax Year 2021

These tax calculator tools are for 2021 Tax Returns which you can no longer e-file anywhere. These tools help you prepare and mail in your 2021 Taxes. Simply fire up one of the 10 tax calculators or estimators below and get your personal "does this apply to me or what should I do for my 2021 Return" answers as easy as one, two, and three without having to read a ton of pages or pay a tax professional to find out. You can also visit if you are seeking professional assistance from a Taxpert with your 2021 Tax Returns.

Tax Tip: Prepare and file as soon as possible even if you can't pay on time as the IRS penalties to file late are higher than to pay late. Or, to put it simply: file your returns even if you can't pay anything!

2021 Tax Calculators

Not sure if you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit? Look no further: Start the 2021 EITCucator and get your personal answers. Or, not sure who qualifies as a dependent on your 2021 Tax Return? Just use the 2021 DEPENDucator tool below and you will find out. All tools will answer your specific tax questions without you having to read through complicated tax text.

You can e-file your current taxes regardless of when you mail your 2021 Return. Use the resources below to get started.

2021 Tax Calculators, Estimators
Use this calculator for Tax Year 2021. Estimate your 2021 Return first before you mail in your 2021 Return. Know your estimated 2021 Federal Tax Return Results before you fill in any forms.
What was your 2021 Tax Bracket and personal Tax Rate? The Tax Bracket or Rate Tax Calculator - RATEucator - will tell you.
Who was your qualifying dependent or qualifying child in 2021? Find out if your child, relative, or other person qualifies as a dependent. Did somebody, like an ex-spouse, claim your dependent before you did?
Are you supporting a parent, relative, girlfriend, boyfriend, or other person? Find out who your qualifying relative or dependent is on your 2021 Return. A qualifying relative does not necessarily have to be related to you, but you can never claim your spouse as your dependent.
Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit: If you have a child or another dependent on your tax return, find out if you are eligible for this credit. This credit can offset the costs of childcare of daycare.
To file a 2021 Tax Return or not, is that your question? You might be surprised, filing a return might be beneficial for you even if you do not have to. Keep in mind, you must file a 2021 Return by April 15, 2025 to claim your tax refund! After that, it's gone.
Were you single with one or more dependents or qualifying relatives during 2021? The head of household filing status might just be for you. This unique filing status comes with a higher standard deduction and other benefits if you qualify for it.
If your 2021 taxable income was at a certain level and you are at least 19, let the Earned Income Tax Credit work for you! For 2021, you can use your 2019 income if it was higher than your 2021 income. The credit may be increased if you have at least one qualified child. This is one of many tax credits eFile will calculate for you when you file your current year taxes.
When you prepare a tax return, you have to choose which filing status to use. The "STATucator" tool will help you determine which filing status is for you: married jointly or separate, single, or head of household.
The "CHILDucator" tax tool will help you determine if your child or dependent qualifies you to claim the Child Tax Credit on your tax return.
Calculate your third stimulus payment amount. This payment was issued throughout 2021 as part of the American Rescue Plan. If you did not receive this payment, you may be able to claim it as part of your 2021 Tax Return.
The penalties for not filing a tax return or a tax extension are higher than not paying taxes owed. It's better to e-file or file your tax return and pay as much taxes as you can afford than not filing at all.
A list of 2021 IRS Tax forms for you to complete and sign before you mail them in. Search for free tax forms online including state tax forms.
See the IRS mailing addresses by current state of residency on where to mail 2021 IRS and state tax returns.
Estimate your previous year(s) income tax return now and find out what your federal tax refund will be or if you owe taxes. File as soon as possible if you owe tax to reduce penalties.
Tax forms for previous tax years you can no longer e-file. You can complete, sign, and download the forms on before you print and mail them to the IRS mailing address or State Tax Agencies.
Follow this tax return timeline and you will be on a safe track to get your taxes done right and on time.
If you owe taxes and don't have the funds now to pay, make sure you e-File a tax extension on or file your taxes by April 15 as late filing penalties are much higher than late tax payment penalties. If you owe taxes for 2021, you can no longer file a 2021 extension - see the link to pay your due taxes as soon as possible.
A tax refund, in many cases, is the result of negligent W-4 or tax withholding planning. Keep more of your hard-earned money and get your next taxes balanced now: Calculate your tax withholding via Form W-4 via the Taxometer and see state income tax withholding forms. This is for future taxes; the 2021 W-4 is no longer relevant.
Need to calculate back taxes or estimate future taxes? Find tax calculators by tax year.

If you need professional tax preparer assistance, contact a Taxpert at and spare yourself the hassle of handling and filling out complicated tax forms. If you feel you can prepare you taxes on your own by answering simple questions instead of filling in forms, e-File your current taxes on each year and let us work for you. The eFile Tax App handles all the calculations and associated forms based on user entries. Prepare your taxes now and be done with IT.