Prepare, File One or Multiple State Tax Return(s) Only

All, not each,
41 States + DC
only $9.95!

Per IRS and states regulations - not - taxpayers can NOT e-file one or more state returns alone (exception is California) without also e-filing the federal return. This is because the tax data on a federal return is, to a great degree, identical to that of a state tax return. Thus, state tax agencies depend on IRS data verification during the e-filing process to reduce tax fraud and identity theft. A state tax return can only be e-filed together with an IRS or federal income tax return, not just here on, but anywhere.

However, you can PREPARE one or all 41 state income tax returns plus the District of Columbia without also e-filing an IRS return via the Tax App for only $9.95 for a limited time even if you already filed a federal tax return that was accepted by the IRS. Consider e-filing your federal and state tax returns together on next time - it will save you time, money, and effort.

Please contact an eFile Taxperts® for a special STATE ONLY promo code so you only pay $9.95 for a limited time for ALL STATES - not just one!  Yes, you ONLY pay for the state tax preparation(s) before you download, print and mail in your state returns.

Tax Prep Savings Tip  For 2024: Next year, in 2024 spare yourself the hassle to use multiple sites to prepare returns e.g. federal on one site and state on another. Instead, contact us for the special FREE FEDERAL and PAID STATE ONLY promotion code for 2024 so your federal tax return is free and you only pay one low price for many states. On IT's either free or the lowest price guarantee, IT = Income Taxes!

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Only on prepare all your state returns: Resident, Part-year Resident and Nonresident state returns for one low price:
  • Pay only $9.95 for all 41 plus D.C. income state tax returns. Yes, you read it right: not each, but ALL STATE RETURNS.
  • Compare that to TurboTax® and H&R Block® - they charge over $50 PER State*) and not for ALL States link

When to file multiple state returns: There are certain times when you may need to file two or more state returns; on, the price is still just $9.95 compared to $100 or more on other platforms. Common scenarios include:

  • You lived in one state but worked in another with their own state taxes.
  • You moved during the year and must file two part-year resident state tax returns.
  • You earned income in a state you did not live in (e.g. interest income, etc.)

The tax preparation app lets you prepare and download your state tax return(s). When done, print all state income tax returns for one low price - not one price per state. Compare that to TurboTax® and H&R Block® who charge over $50 per state*)! charges only $9.95 for ALL your state income tax returns: start now.

Contact us here to receive a state only code during checkout so you do not have to pay for federal preparation, you will only pay the state preparation fee.

If you e-filed your federal tax return on TurboTax®, H&R Block®, or any other tax preparation platform, you can still prepare, print, and mail all your state income tax return(s) on for one low price. However, to save you time and money, we invite all TurboTax® and H&R Block® users to use for BOTH their federal return and state return. Not only will you save time and money, you can e-file BOTH your federal and state returns and you also have the benefit of superior free Taxpert® support. There are no digital assistants on and you will only talk to real people.

Since much of the tax information (income, personal information, deductions, etc.) on a state income tax return is similar to a federal income tax return, will guide you through the screens that are the same for federal and state. Thus, you will complete what looks like a federal tax return, however you will not e-file the federal return at checkout, but print to mail and file your state return.

State Only Return, No Federal Return

Due to policy by tax authorities (not nor any other online tax preparation platform), you can only e-file a state tax return with your federal tax return. If you have already e-filed or filed your federal return, you can still prepare your state return on Enter all your tax data, but on checkout, simply follow the steps and screen instructions below:

  • If you do not have an account, create a free account.
  • If you do have an account, sign in and begin preparing your state return; you will start by entering general information.
  • You will need to prepare a federal return, but you will NOT have to e-file it during checkout and you will NOT have to pay for it. This seems confusing, but you will need to prepare a federal return on even if you have already filed or e-filed a federal return elsewhere because the state return is largely based on the federal return. Follow the steps to generate your state return(s).
  • Do not select the No thanks, I don't want to e-file my federal return link. This seems contradictory because you are not filing the federal return, but you will need to keep the Yes, I want to e-file my federal return selection and select the green Continue button in order to move on to the next step as shown below.
  • Before you reach the next step, you will go to a screen describing the additional audit protection service. Since we already offer free audit protection, select the "No thanks" button so you would not be charged for the service.

E-filing your return screen in software.

  • On the Lowest Price Guarantee screen, you will still see a fee for preparing the federal return. Contact support and one of our Taxperts® will give you a special discount code so you are not charged for the federal return. Important: You are not paying for e-filing as this is included for free when you e-file your federal and state taxes together. You are paying for the full preparation of your state return for you to print and mail.
  • To enter the code, select the blue Have a promo code? link, enter it in the box that appears, and select "Apply Code." You can only enter one promo code, so do not enter any other discount codes. Once you enter the promo code, select the Credit/Debit Card option to pay with your credit or debit card and select the green "Continue Payment" button to submit your payment information. With this code, you will only pay for the state preparation. Important: You cannot use the e-collect feature to pay for your return. The banks require an e-filed federal return for this; since you are not e-filing federal, you will need to pay the state fee via debit/credit card.

E-filing your return screen in software.

  • Select "My Account" on the top of your account screen and you will see a link to a PDF copy of the tax return you prepared on our site (on a mobile device, select the three dots). Select that link to download and print your state return and make sure that you sign the return before you mail it - see mailing instructions and addresses. If there is no link to your PDF return (or if the PDF has a "Not Valid for Filing" watermark), you will need to pay for the preparation of your state return in order to generate the PDF and remove the watermark. However, if you still do not see the PDF link and/or see the watermark after paying for the preparation of your return, select "File" on the left menu and select the green "Continue" button until you get to the screen that has the “Yes, I'd like to create a preview of my return” link. Once you select that link, the PDF will be generated and updated without the "Not Valid for Filing" watermark. You'll see a link to the return on the “My Account” screen.
  • If you need more help preparing, printing, and mailing only your state return, contact support.

When to File Other State Returns

You generally have to file a tax return for your resident state. However, you may need to file more than one state return if any of the following are true:

  • You resided in more than one state, moved from one state to another state, and/or worked and earned income in another state.
  • You had gambling winnings, rental income, or partnership or S-Corp income from a business based in another state.
  • You received retirement income or pension income from another state in the year you moved.
  • You had income from an estate or trust with interest in another state.
  • Your employer improperly withheld taxes for the wrong state.

If you lived or earned income in more than one state, you might need to file returns for multiple states. Depending on your situation, you may need to file part-year resident returns or nonresident returns. will determine the correct type of state tax return(s) for you to prepare. Find out more about resident, part-year resident, and nonresident state tax returns.

Only on, you can file multiple state returns for one low price!

If you have questions about preparing and filing your state and/or federal returns, do not hesitate to contact support.

Already filed? Check the status of your state income tax return refund.

*) as of March 2023. Subject to change.