Tax Extensions by State

State income tax extensions are listed by each state below. Ask yourself whether you expect to owe state taxes or not?

  • If you do owe taxes, paying state taxes online or via check serves as a state tax extension for many states and a form is not needed. However, some states do require a specific form; see below for state details.
  • If you do not owe taxes, many states grant an automatic 6-month extension period until the October e-file deadline. Generally, you have 3 years after the tax due date to file your return and be able to claim your tax refund. After that date your refund would expire.

Most tax year state extensions are due the April tax deadline. Once this Tax Day deadline passes, tax extensions can no longer be e-filed via or anywhere. Tax returns can be e-filed until the October e-File deadline. for the given tax year. After the October 15 deadline returns for previous tax years can only be filed by paper.

State Tax Return Extension

Let's be clear here: If you don't owe taxes, you don't need to file a tax extension! The question is, how do you know if you owe taxes or not without preparing a state tax return? We recommend you prepare your return risk-free on to see how your return may look. You can see if you may owe taxes based on the forms you enter or simple estimates. You can also calculate your IRS Taxes using this free tool and or the state income tax calculator.

If you "guesstimate" this and you are certain you don't owe state income taxes, there is no need to file a state tax extension. If you owe taxes, however, you should either prepare a return or pay your state taxes online. As a result, this tax payment would serve as your extension. This same logic applies to IRS extensions; if you do not owe federal or state taxes, you do not need to file a federal or state extension.

See step-by-step IRS tax extension instructions.

  • Alternatively to filing a state tax extension, you can prepare and eFile your IRS and state returns together on The last deadline after a tax extension or otherwise to e-file Tax Returns is October 15.
  • However, late filing tax penalties might apply if you owe taxes and you do not file something (extension or return) by the April 15 IRS Tax Day (some state deadlines may vary by 2 weeks). Even if you can't pay on time, you should e-file a return or extension on time. See specific state tax return deadlines.
  • Important: Below are links to pay your state income taxes by the April deadline; this would substitute filing a state tax extension.
  • Only on can you prepare and e-file income tax returns for ALL 41 states plus the District of Columbia for ONE low price for all states. Yes, that is not a per state price, but one low price for as many states as you have to e-file on In comparison, H&R Block® vs. TurboTax® charge almost $50*) for just ONE State. Dare to compare vs. H&R Block® vs. TurboTax®.
  • Generally, if you pay all your taxes due by Tax Day - see online payment links below - you will not face a late filing penalty or late payment penalty. Plus, you don't need to file an extension if you pay online.

See step-by-step instructions on how to eFile an IRS tax extension and how to pay IRS taxes online.

State Tax Extension Information

If you pay your state income taxes by the April 15 tax deadline  or state income tax due date, you do not have to file a state tax extension form. You can NOT e-file a state extension form anywhere, but you can e-file an IRS tax extension on

If you do not know the amount of state taxes you owe, create a free working tax return copy on that will show you your tax liability. If you do not have all documents to calculate an accurate tax return, estimate the taxes due as well as you can and pay that amount via the state link below. If you do not have the funds to pay your taxes now, e-file something (return or extension) even if you can't pay anything! Why? It will eliminate your late filing penalty until the online filing tax return due date in October. You can file after the October deadline by paper, but your late filing penalty will start then unless you paid all your taxes on or before that.

To file a state tax extension, make your state tax payment online and pay at least 90% of your estimated taxes due.

State Extension
Pay Online
Alaska - No Income Taxes
No Income Tax Extension
Florida - No Income Taxes
No Income Tax Extension
Nevada - No Income Taxes
No Income Tax Extension in Nevada
New Hampshire - No Income Taxes
No Income Tax Extension in New Hampshire
South Dakota - Not Income Taxes
No Income Tax Extension
Tennessee - No Income Taxes
No Income Tax Extension
Texas - No Income Taxes
No Income Tax Extension
Washington - No Income Taxes
No Income Tax Extension
Wyoming - No Income Taxes
No Income Tax Extension

Sign up for an account and start your federal and state returns. Enter your tax information so you can see if you will owe taxes based on your data and if a tax extension is even necessary. Do you have specific questions regarding your federal and/or state tax extension? Contact us here.

*) Based on data collected in 2023. Subject to change without notice.