Form 8834: Qualified Plug In Electric And Electric Vehicle Credit

Form 8834, officially titled "Qualified Electric Vehicle Credit," is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) document used specifically to claim any carryover Qualified Plug-In Electric Vehicle Credit from prior tax years. This credit applies to electric vehicles placed in service before 2022.

What is Form 8834 Used For?

Form 8834 is specifically designed to report qualified electric vehicle passive activity credits carried forward from prior tax years.

Passive Activity Credit: This refers to a tax credit that arises from a business activity that is not considered your main source of income (passive activity).

Carryover Amount: If your total passive activity credits, including the electric vehicle credit, exceed the allowable passive activity loss limitations in a specific tax year, the unused portion is carried forward to future years using Form 8834.

What is a Qualified Electric Vehicle Passive Activity Credit?

  • This credit applies to electric vehicles placed in service before 2007. The credit itself is no longer available for new vehicle purchases.
  • The credit amount is equal to 10% of the cost of the qualified electric vehicle, with a maximum credit of $2,500 per vehicle.
  • However, passive activity rules might have limited your ability to claim the full credit in the year you purchased the vehicle.
  • Form 8834 helps you claim any remaining credit from those prior years.

Who Should Use Form 8834?

You should use Form 8834 if you meet all the following conditions:

  • You purchased a qualified electric vehicle before 2007.
  • You were unable to claim the full amount of the Qualified Plug-In Electric and Electric Vehicle Credit in the year you purchased the vehicle due to passive activity limitations.
  • You have passive income in the current tax year to offset the carryover credit.

How to File Form 8834?

Step 1: Gather your documents: Make sure you have all the necessary information mentioned above.

Step 2: Complete Form 8834: On Line 3a, enter the total amount of qualified electric vehicle passive activity credit from your prior year forms. Line 3b will show the allowable portion of the credit for the current year based on your passive activity limitations.

Step 3: Attach the form to your tax return: Include Form 8834 with your federal income tax return when you file.

Can I claim the credit for a vehicle purchased after 2006?

No, the qualified electric vehicle credit is not available for vehicles placed in service after 2006. Form 8834 only applies to carryover credits from vehicles purchased before 2007.

Can I claim the entire carryover credit amount in the current tax year?

It depends on your current year's passive activity income. You can only claim the portion of the credit that your passive activity income allows for in the current year. Any remaining credit will carry forward to future tax years.

Form 8834 vs. Form 8936: Key Differences


Form 8834

Form 8936


Claim leftover "qualified electric vehicle passive activity credit"

from prior years.

Claim the current electric vehicle tax credit for qualified vehicles placed in service during the tax year.


Vehicles placed in service before 2007.

Vehicles placed in service after 2022 (with some exceptions for vehicles purchased before August 16, 2022).

Credit Amount

10% of the cost of the vehicle, with a maximum of $2,500.

Varies depending on the battery capacity of the vehicle, with a maximum of $7,500.

Passive Activity

Applies specifically to credits generated from electric vehicles used in passive activities.

Not applicable to passive activities.

Related Forms

Must be filed with Form 8582-CR (individuals) or Form 8810 (corporations).

No additional forms required.