2020 Earned Income Tax Credit - EITC or EIC

This page is for the 2020 Tax Year Earned Income Tax Credit; use these tax tools for the current tax year and the current year EIC calculator. To see the amounts for the 2020 EITC and qualifications, use the tool on this page or review the 2020 Earned Income Credit chart and table below the tool.

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EITC - Earned Income

The Earned Income Tax Credit - EITC or EIC - is a refundable tax credit aimed at helping families with low-to-moderate earned income. During 2019, 25 million taxpayers received about $63 billing in Earned Income Credit. When you prepare and e-file your current year taxes with eFile.com, the Tax App will determine if this credit can be applied to your current year return and automatically report it on your Form 1040. It will also help you find and claim any tax credits or tax deductions that apply to your tax situation. 2020 Taxes were due no later than October 15, 2021, so you can no longer use tax software to prepare and e-file your 2020 Return. Important: You only have until May 17, 2024 to claim your 2020 Refund.

How to Claim a 2020 Refund Now

If you still need to file a 2020 Tax Return, you can access the 2020 Federal IRS 1040 Forms here. You can complete previous tax year forms conveniently online here on eFile.com and sign them online electronically before you download, print, and mail them the 2020 mailing address based on your state residency. You can calculate the EIC using the information below, the free calculator, the EITC worksheet, and the free 2020 forms linked on this page. When you use tax software like the eFile Tax App, this is all done for you - only current year returns can be prepared and filed electronically.

Attention: If your earned income was higher in Tax Year 2019 than in Tax Year 2020, you can use the 2019 amount to calculate your EITC for 2020. This temporary relief was provided through Tax Relief Act of 2020. These same income rules apply in 2020 for the Additional Child Tax Credit. This was also used for 2021 Returns.

Use this simple EITC worksheet to get an easy overview if you qualify or not.

  • If your 2019 or 2020 income (W-2 income wages and/or net earnings from self-employment, etc.) was less than $56,844, you might qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. Remember, on your 2020 Return, you can use the 2019 or 2020 income to determine your EITC.
  • The EITC can be as much as $6,660 for a family with qualifying children.
  • Taxpayers who don’t have a qualifying child might qualify for up to $538.
  • Review the EITC tables below the tool for more information or simply use to the tool to get personalized information.

You may qualify for the EITC if your 2020 taxable income was at a certain level and you had at least one dependent or qualified child - or if you don't have children but are between the ages of 25 and 65. Let the Earned Income Tax Credit work for you when you prepare and eFile your current year taxes on eFile.com! If you can claim the EITC or EIC, it would reduce the taxes you might owe or increase your tax refund. The credit lifts over 6 million people - including over 3 million children - out of poverty each year.

The easiest way to find out if you are eligible or qualify is by starting the EITCucator below and getting your personal answer about the Earned Income Credit on your 2020 Return. Simply answer the "Yes" or "No" questions and the EITCucator will show you the result.

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The eFile.com Earned Income Credit Tool

Can I Claim the Earned Income Tax Credit
For Tax Year 2020

Start EITCucator

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Can I Claim the Earned Income Tax Credit?
Do you, your spouse (if filing jointly), AND all Qualifying Children have a valid Social Security Number or SSN?
Do you have earned income, such as taxable wages, salaries, tips, or net self-employment earnings?
Select Your Filing Status
Were you a U.S. citizen or resident alien for ALL of the tax year?
Are you a nonresident alien married to a U.S. citizen or resident alien with whom you are filing jointly?
Are you able to be claimed as the Qualifying Child of another taxpayer for the purpose of the Earned Income Credit?
Are you filing Form 2555/2555-EZ (Foreign Earned Income)?
Is your investment income for the tax year less than $3,650?
How many Qualifying Children younger than you do you have that meet any of the following scenarios?
  • - Age 18 or younger as of December 31 of the tax year.
  • - Age 23 or younger at the end of the tax year and a full-time student for at least 5 months of the year.
  • - Any age and permanently or totally disabled at any time during the year.
Were you at least 25 AND younger than 65 on the last day of the tax year?
Did you live in the U.S. for more than half of the tax year?
What is your Adjusted Gross Income?

No. According to the information you have provided, you do not qualify for the Earned Income Credit.

There may be other tax credits available for you. When you prepare your current year tax return on eFile.com, the online tax software will identify and calculate every credit for which you qualify.

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Yes, based on the information you entered, it looks like you qualify for the Earned Income Credit! It looks like you may qualify for a credit up to  . Use these back tax resources and forms to file your 2020 Return and claim your credit.
Start a current year return now on eFile.com for more personalized results before you e-file your taxes.

Only about 80% of taxpayers who are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit claim it. Don't miss out on the money you deserve! Read more about the Earned Income Tax Credit and see how much you may be refunded.

Claiming the EITC is easy if you prepare your tax return on eFile.com! The online tax app will automatically determine if you qualify for the Earned Income Credit. If you qualify, eFile.com will calculate the correct amount of your credit and fill out the right forms for you to claim it. Important: This is only available from current year returns as the IRS and states do not allow e-filing for past due returns. Prepare and e-file your taxes in the year they are due so the eFile software can do the hard work for you.

Once you have determined your EITC eligibility, we suggest you use the 2020 Tax Calculator, or TAXstimator, to calculate and estimate your tax refund (or taxes owed) for the 2020 Tax Year.

2020 EITC Qualifications: Dependents, AGI, and Filing Status

Below, find the limits outlined to qualify for the EITC. The table is organized by filing status, number of children or dependents, and your maximum Adjusted Gross Income or AGI shown in the Limit column. These three factors are key in determining your eligibility for claiming the EITC. As stated above, the amount in the Limit column can be your 2019 AGI or your 2020 AGI, whichever is higher.

2020 EITC Limits
Filing Status
Number of Children
Single, Head of Household, or Widowed
Single, Head of Household, or Widowed
Single, Head of Household, or Widowed
Single, Head of Household, or Widowed
Three or More
Married Filing Jointly
Married Filing Jointly
Married Filing Jointly
Married Filing Jointly
Three or More
The investment income can not exceed $3,650.

Tax Year 2020 Maximum EITC Amounts by Number of Children Claimed

This table displays the maximum credit amount when claiming the EITC. The amount is directly related to number of children.

2020 Max Credit Amounts
Maximum EITC
Number of Qualified Children
Three or More

Find additional Earned Income Credit Information or see what your Earned Income Tax Credit Dollar Amount might be.

How to Claim the Earned Income Tax Credit for a Previous Tax Year

If you need to claim the EITC for a previous year, possibly by filing a tax amendment, start by determining your eligibility with these calculators.

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Tax Calculator by Tax Year

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