State Tax Returns: Status, Extensions, Amendments

State tax returns can be prepared and e-Filed with the IRS Tax return. Due to IRS and state tax agency regulations, state tax returns can not be e-filed without also e-filing the IRS return (with the exception of California).

Unemployment Income and Benefits and Taxes. Maximum Unemployment Benefits and Number Of Weeks available. How to Withhold Unemployment Taxes.

Use these Free State Income Tax Calculators to Estimate Your State Taxes Owed and Know Your State Income Tax Rate Based on Your Information.

State Income Tax Return e-File Due Dates, Forms, and Resources by State. e-File One or More State Tax Returns Together with Your IRS Return.

State Income Tax Return Details and Help: Learn How to File State Taxes Online with Your Federal Return. File Them Together to Save Time & Money.

State Taxes Done Online: Prepare One or More State Tax Returns for One Low Price on All State Forms Are Available in Your Account.

Check Your State Tax Refund Status Here. See Due Dates for When You Can Expect Your State Tax Return Refund. Contact Your State Tax Agency.

Tax Extensions for States Are Often Automatic with the IRS Extension. Paying Taxes by the April Deadline Serves as an Extension in Many States.

When Is The Tax Deadline? Detailed Overview of Federal Tax Deadlines and State Tax Return Dates. Tax Day, Extensions For IRS and State Returns.

Since You Can Not Just e-File A State Return With the Exception of California, We Offer The New User Promotion for State Returns.

Tax Amendment Forms by States Can Be Found Here. See Detailed Instructions on How to File a State Tax Amendment and Mail It In.

Find Out the Income Tax Rates in Your State by Brackets, Standard Deductions, and State Exemptions. Compare These Rates: Start Tax Planning Now.