Maryland Income Tax Extension

You can e-file an IRS income tax return extension free via, but you can't eFile a MD tax extension. However, a federal or IRS tax return extension will provide you with an automatic six-month extension to file your Maryland state tax return. Thus, you don't have to fill out any additional Maryland tax forms.

Important: A Federal or MD State Tax Extension doesn't extend the deadline to pay the taxes you owe without any late payment penalties! The deadline to e-file a federal or IRS extension for current year taxes is on or around April 15. e-File a tax extension for free on and learn whether or not you should consider a tax extension.

State Tax Extension Specifics

Below are a few key points on filing both IRS and state tax extensions - review these details to learn whether or not you should file an extension.

  • If you owe MD Taxes, file either your Maryland tax return or MD tax extension - even if you can't afford to pay all or some of your MD taxes due. Alternatively, you can pay your MD taxes due online by the April deadline. In that case, you don't have to file an extension by the April deadline since your taxes are paid in full. In case you filed an extension by April, eFile your MD return by the October e-file deadline as you can no longer e-file your returns and would have to submit a paper return past this date. If you follow these suggestion here, you would not face late filing penalties. Late payment penalties are in most cases significantly lower than late payment penalties. Late payment penalties would apply until all taxes due are paid in full. Estimate potential tax penalties by tax year for tax planning purposes.
  • As mentioned above, if you owe MD taxes and can't file your MD tax return on time, paying your MD taxes online - see the link below - would eliminate late filing penalties and would serve as a tax extension. Thus, you would not need to submit the MD extension Form PV - see the link below.
  • Pay Maryland taxes online directly with the state or complete the Maryland tax return extension and payment Form PV and and mail it to the State of Maryland. Provide your SSN or ITIN on your payment and make out the check to the Maryland Comptroller. A copy of your bill or notice should be sent along with your payment.
  • If you don't owe MD taxes or expect a tax refund and don't file by the April deadline, you would not face a late filing penalty. However, your refund might expire if you do not file a tax return within a certain time period. Thus, eFile your tax return by the April or the October deadline and claim your MD tax refund.

The extended IRS and Maryland eFile deadline is on or around October 15 - eFileIT now.

If you plan to mail a MD tax return on paper - find MD, Maryland Forms and MD Mailing Addresses. See information about other states. Use to get your taxes done when they are due so you never have to worry about filling out and mailing complicated tax forms.