Owe Taxes And Don't Have The Money?

Do not panic, we at efile.com are here to help. Before we assist you in finding ways to pay your taxes owed, ask yourself these three questions first: 

1. Are you going by a "gut feeling" about owing taxes, or have you just completed a tax return and found out?

2. What is the true cause of you owing taxes now, either by a "gut feeling" or as a result of estimating taxes or completing a tax return?

3. Are you prepared to make changes now or in the future so you can avoid owing taxes on Tax Day in the future?

Life situations can come at us fast. For example, an emergency or other event happens and suddenly there is no money left to pay for taxes. Even if your "gut feeling" is correct about owing taxes, you must get the facts first by following these steps:

  1. Use Our Free Tax Tools: Carefully examine your tax situation with these easy to use personalized tax tools.
  2. Discover Tax Deductions and Credits: Review available IRS/Federal tax deductions and tax credits.
  3. Estimate Your Taxes: The efile.com Tax and Refund Estimator generates a personalized tax return for you.
  4. See If Tax Penalties Apply to You: IRS Tax Penalties for Not Filing are higher than Penalties for Not Paying. Find out potential IRS tax penalties.
  5. E-file or File Your Tax Return or Extension By Tax Day: As you can see in point 4, not filing a tax return or extension (even if you cannot pay your taxes now) is more costly in terms of potential penalties than not paying your taxes now. Use efile.com to start and e-file your tax return or at least a tax extension by Tax Day (usually on April 15 of the current Tax Year). If you missed the Tax Day deadline or efiled an extension, your next efile deadline is usually on October 15 of the current Tax Year. Be aware that an extension does not give you more time to pay any taxes owed. 
  6. File Your Tax Return for a Previous Tax Year: On efile.com, you can only prepare and efile a tax return or extension for the current Tax Year. For previous Tax Years, you must complete the tax return forms manually and mail them to the IRS. You can find and download the Tax Forms by Tax Year here.

Once you have completed these steps, you will now know for a fact how much taxes you owe. Again, what is important is that you have e-filed/filed your return as soon as possible.

Tax Payment Options

Tax Balancing and Minimizing Tax Payments

Ways to Obtain Money To Pay Taxes Owed

Whether you owe hundreds or thousands, you should really ask yourself whether you have the money to pay your tax debt. Here are some options to consider:

Be aware that the options above may only be good ideas if any interest you end up paying is less than the interest and penalties the IRS will charge you.

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