What to Do With Form 1099-LTC on your Tax Return?

If you paid premiums for a long-term care plan during the year, you may have received a form 1099-LTC. You can add this to your eFile account to generate the needed forms on your tax return as this may be deductible.

  • Under Step 3 instructions how to enter LTC Premium or contribution payments
  • Under Step 4 how to report LTC reimbursements or Insurance contract payments
1. Sign in to eFile.com
Sign in to eFile.com or sign up here, then enter all your personal identifying information.
2. Where Do I Enter Data?
eFile will guide you through entering all of your information. Add all your income and deductions as you work through each section before proceeding to the review section.
3. Enter LTC Premium Payments
To manually add your form, navigate to Federal Taxes > Review > I'd like to see the forms I've filled out or search for a form and enter LTC. You can then fill out the details based on the form you received.
After the screen was added a screenshot on how to enter the LTC premium payments or contributions.

Long Term Care Contract

4. Report LTC Reimbursements Insurance Payments
If Long Term Care reimbursement payments are taxable please use Form 8853 or Archer MSAs and Long-Term Care Insurance Contracts. See below point 4a a screenshot in the tax app on how to enter the payments.  In order to add this section, follow the steps outlined below under 5. and enter 8853 in the search box.
4a. Box Descriptions
There are many boxes on the form, but below are the most common that will be filled in.
1: Gross long-term care benefits paid
2: Accelerate death benefits paid
3: Per diem or reimbursement amount
4. If the insurance contract is tax qualified or not.
Below is a screenshot of the entry page on eFile.com

Long Term Care Contract

5. How to Add, Delete a Form or Page