Tax Return Filing Status Overview

Use any of these tools to determine your tax return filing status. Single parents should not overlook the Head of Household filing status.

A Filing Status on Your Tax Return is Selected Via a Checkbox. eFile Will Do this For You: See Details on Which Filing Status You Should Choose.

Tax Return Filing Status Calculator. Are You Single With Dependents? You Might Qualify as Head of Household. Married Joint or Separate? Find Out.

Single or Head of Household Filing Status? Find Out if You Qualify for One or the Other; Without Dependents, File Your Return as Single.

The Married Filing Joint Filing Status on Your Taxes Is the Most Beneficial Status. See the Reasons and Claim this Status on Your Next Return.

The Head of Household Filing Status Is Best for Single Parent. Find Out If You Qualify and Save Taxes by Using the eFile HOHucator Tool.

Married Filing Separately versus Filing Jointly. Generally, MFJ Is More Beneficial for Tax Returns. However, There Are Good Reasons to File MFS.

Qualifying Surviving Spouse or Widower Tax Filing Status: Learn the Requirements to Claim this Filing Status and Select it When You File.

Taxes & Relationships: How Should You File a Return Based on Your Relationship, Marital Status? Learn How to Save Money and Help Your Finances.

How to Best Prepare and eFile Your Taxes as a Parent. As a Single Parent, the Head of Household Filing Status Might Be Your Best Choice.