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Here on, we have created four free W-4 Calculators that let you complete, sign, and create a W-4 which will be emailed as an attachment to you. We do not store or share any of your W-4 information. You can then submit or email the W4 via this tool to your employer (not the IRS). Watch the W-4 video for more details.

Below are details on the difference of these four W-4 tools. Select one of the tools based on your personal tax return goals - not sure which tool is right for you? See the Taxometer page to determine this based on simple questions.

W-4 or Tax Withholding planning is important: if you withhold too much in federal taxes via the W-4, you might get that some money back in form of a tax refund when you prepare your next tax return. Wouldn't it make more sense to keep more of this money during the year with each of your paychecks?

Furthermore, during 2021, the IRS processed tax returns at a much slower pace. Thus, taxpayers had to wait much longer for their tax refund payments. Since tax refunds are often the result of too much tax withholding based on the W-4 form per pay period, it has become even more important to plan tax withholding in connection with the next tax return.

We sympathize with you: If you think that completing a W-4 Form is worse than certain dental procedures, we totally get IT! The W-4 form is very difficult to understand and it has immense effects on your taxes, especially if you complete it throughout the year. Therefore, we have created 3 different versions. Why is the W-4 form so difficult?

The Four W-4 Tools

  • W-4 Basic - Start Now. The W-4 Basic tool is your basic W-4 online tool that lets you complete and sign your W-4 online without calculations or suggestions. However, if you wish to create a W-4 based on paycheck data, definitely use the W-4 Check tool instead as this will allow you to input more accurate information.
  • W-4 Adjust - Start Now. This tool helps create a W-4 based on your latest tax return - during 2022, it would be your 2021 Tax Return if available. Otherwise, use your 2020 Return. Let's say you received a tax return refund and you wish to manage this or, in other words, keep more of your hard earned money each paycheck and not hand it over in tax withholding each month. Set your tax return goals here and use the W-4 Adjust tool to see them play out.
  • W-4 Check - Start Now. This is the best way to create a W-4 based on a current, actual paycheck or estimated paycheck. Enter a few paycheck based fields and you will know what the IRS Tax Withholding amount will be by pay period. Then, either create and sign your W-4 form with a few clicks or adjust your tax withholding amount before you create and sign your W-4 form. At the end, enter your and/or your employer's email address and email the completed W-4 form to the respective address.
  • W-4 Pro - Start Now. Use this tool based on future income and tax return planning. If you have a good understanding on how tax withholding payment relates to your tax return or you have various sources of income and would like to estimate the current tax year result and tailor your W-4 accordingly, this tool is for you.

The problem with the W-4 form is it does not allow you to enter a fixed, per pay period tax withholding dollar amount, thus you don't know the results or impact it has on your overall taxes or next tax return. The W-4 Adjust and W-4 Pro tools translate this for you and gives you actual withholding amounts prior to creating the W-4 Form.

What a Tax Refund is: If you withhold too much in taxes per pay period, it will most likely result in a tax return refund. Basically, you would give your money to the IRS only to get it back with your next tax return. Tax Tip: Keep your hard earned money now, increase your paycheck now, and keep your tax refund money with each paycheck!

What if You Owe Taxes: If you withhold too little in IRS taxes each pay period, you might owe taxes with your next tax return. You can easily correct this by withholding more money per pay period. Unless, of course, you don't mind paying taxes as a result of your next tax return. Note: If you withhold too little in taxes through the year, the IRS might penalize you as a result. It is important that you know where that line is. 

Let an Taxpert® help you plan your W-4 tax withholding!

To see how effective your tax withholding was during the year, create a free account and prepare your tax return. Report your income forms and see how tax balanced you are; do you owe taxes? Increase your withholding!