Pennsylvania Tax Brackets, Rates, and Standard Deductions

Information about Pennsylvania State income tax forms, tax brackets and rates by tax year.

You can prepare and e-File your current Pennsylvania Income Taxes here on together with your Federal Income Tax Return. Information on how to only file a Pennsylvania State Income Return.

Find the Pennsylvania tax forms below for previous tax years or back taxes. You can complete and sign the forms here on before you mail them to the PA Department of Revenue. For Federal or IRS back taxes access the tax forms here.

Below find links to other important Pennsylvania income tax return information and other related features (e.g. tax extension, amendment, etc.)

Pennsylvania Income Tax Returns

Pennsylvania Income Taxes
Prepare only a PA State Return without an IRS return. Details
Step by Step instructions on how to only Prepare and Download - not eFile - State Returns on
File a current Pennsylvania Tax Amendment
Pennsylvania Income Tax Forms
Pennsylvania Tax Brackets, Rates explained
IRS Tax Brackets, Rates by Tax Year
Calculate and Estimate your IRS Income Tax Brackets and Rates with the eFile RATEucator.

Income Tax Brackets, Rates, Income Ranges, and Estimated Taxes Due

Pennsylvania Income is based on a flat tax rate. When you prepare your return on this is all calculated for you based on your income.

Pennsylvania Tax Brackets for Tax Year 2023

Pennsylvania Income Tax did not increase for Tax Year 2023, with a constant tax rate of 3.07%.

Pennsylvania Tax Brackets for Tax Year 2022

PA Tax Year 2022 income is charged at a flat tax rate of 3.07%.

Pennsylvania Tax Brackets for Tax Year 2021

Pennsylvania Income is charged at a flat tax rate of 3.07%.

Pennsylvania Standard and Itemized Deductions

Pennsylvania does not have standard deductions, personal exemptions, or itemized deductions. Also, They do not use the federal standard deduction amounts.