Pennsylvania Income Tax Return Instructions

You can only e-file a PA state income tax return with your IRS return - get both done and so you do not have to worry about mailing anything. will generate your PA income tax form(s), starting with your PA-40 and generate the rest as you work.

How To?
A: Access PA Forms
Step 1: Sign in to
Step 2: Click on State Taxes on the left menu.
On the right page, select I'd like to see the forms I've filled out or search for a form.
Step 3: Scroll to the PA State Forms drop-down and select the right down arrow.
Step 4: Select the form in question and review, edit the entries and save.
or Step 5: Use the PA search box to find other forms or select the links below the search box.
Step 6: Select Add Form next to the form name, complete, save and continue.
B: Pennsylvania Resident Status
Taxpayers are Pennsylvania residents if they reside or are domiciled in Pennsylvania or they are a statutory resident. Pennsylvania residents are subject to Pennsylvania personal income tax on all Pennsylvania taxable income classes, both Pennsylvania and non-Pennsylvania source income, though they may qualify for a resident credit for tax paid to other states on income earned outside of Pennsylvania. See details about your Pennsylvania resident status.
Non-resident: Taxpayers who don't have either their domicile or statutory residence in Pennsylvania should file as nonresident taxpayers. Nonresidents are taxed only on the income they receive from sources within Pennsylvania and cannot qualify for the credit for taxes paid to other states.
A statutory resident is an individual who is domiciled outside of Pennsylvania, has a permanent place of abode (or a place where you live) in Pennsylvania, and spends more than 183 days (midnight to midnight) of the taxable year in Pennsylvania.
A part-year resident of PA is an individual who is a resident for part of the tax year (less than 183 days) and a non-resident for another part of the year. This would occur if you move in or out of PA.
C: PA State Tax Amendment
You can prepare a Pennsylvania Tax Amendment for the current tax year here on; the amendment can not be e-filed. After you have prepared the amendment, download the PDF from your My Account, check the box and mail in the form.
D: PA Tax Filing Instructions
E: Tax Refund Status
F: Pennsylvania Reciprocal Agreement
The Pennsylvania reciprocal agreements with Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia under which one state will not tax employee compensation subject to employer withholding of the other state. If you are a resident of any of these states and your employer withheld Pennsylvania income tax from wages, you must file a Pennsylvania return to get a refund.
To stop the withholding of Pennsylvania income tax, complete the employee’s Non-withholding application form this PA form Rev 419 and give it to your employer.